How can I redo this chair?

This arm chair was accidentally left behind when the dining room set was donated to Goodwill. Looking for ideas as to what to do with it. If the seat is removed, it’s... See more
q ideas for this chair

What is causing the brown leaves?

What is causing the leaves on these plans to be turning brown? To much water? Not enough water? To much sun? Not enough sun? I have no clue. Can anybody tell me? And... See more
q what is causing the brown leaves

What is turning my Boston fern brown?

I’m trying to find out why the leaves in my Boston fern is turning brown. I usually have it sitting on the deck on the back of my house which faces east. I make sure... See more
q what is turning my boston fern brown

How do I get this candle out of this vase?

Found this beautiful crock vase candle while cleaning out a house. I want to use the crock for a flower arrangement but can’t figure out how to get the candle out.... See more
q how do i get this candle out of this vase

How do I remove sticky label residue from a wine box?

I recently obtained 4 wooden wine crates, each which had a big white label stuck to the end. I was able remove the label but it left sticky residue over the entire... See more

How do I clean an old soda crate?

I recently purchased some old wooden soda crates that I plan to turn into end tables. However I want to clean them up a bit first but still keep the original look.... See more
q how do i clean an old soda crate

Preparing branches for decor

I've recently been collecting branches to use as part of a wall hanging project. I love the look of the branches but I'm wondering if there is a way to preserve them... See more
q preparing branches for decor

Removing sticker residue from bare wood ?

I recently purchased some wooden wine boxes. Each of them has a huge shipping sticker on one end. (4" x 6", told you it was huge). After removing the sticker, it... See more

What are these spots and how do I clean them?

Found a cute little suitcase that I want to turn into a small table but there is some sort of stain on the top. Any suggestions on how to clean this? I don't want to... See more
q what are these spots and how do i clean them

Can I season cast iron with coconut oil.

I have a cast iron skillet and wondered if I could use coconut oil to season it. i've been using a cast-iron conditioner that has coconut oil but it also has palm... See more
q can i season cast iron with coconut oil