how to repair a recliner cushion aka when good dogs do bad things

How To Repair A Recliner Cushion (AKA When Good Dogs Do Bad Things)

Our beloved pup, Oliver Sprout, decided that our favorite recliner would be a good spot to go on a scavenger hunt. After weeks of digging, a little at a time, we were left with holes and tears in the seat cushion. Not wanting to toss the comfy seating, we opted for a simple repair job. (More details photos on our post as they would not all fit here.)

eye popping popcorn balls

Eye-Popping Popcorn Balls

These Eye Popping Popcorn Balls are perfect for give-a-way treats, a party or just to give to friends or neighbors. They don’t just work for Halloween either… they would work great for a monster themed party for the office or kids!

5 minute diy cell phone stand

5 Minute DIY Cell Phone Stand

From trash to treasure, this upcycle project turns toilet paper rolls into beautiful cell phone stands in under 5 minutes! You can make a bunch in any colors you like! You can find our free downloadable print and pattern on our site here.

unique closet organizer ideas

Unique Closet Organizer Ideas

This is part 2 of our last post where we built in closet shelves and organizers. My husband did the first part... this is MY part... you know... the fun one. Ü Because we tripled our space I actually had some room to do some decorating!

make your own closet shelves organizer

Make Your Own Closet Shelves & Organizer!

My poor closet was a MESS, and way too small for two people. My husband, with minimal tools, designed and built in shelving and cubby holes. It more than doubled our space... for less than $130!

couple s crystal ball

Couple's Crystal Ball

This is a perfect Valentine's Day gift but can have many uses. Fill it up with dreams for a new child, give it as a wedding gift. SEE ALL PHOTOS HERE

diy sweetheart branch

DIY Sweetheart Branch

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for couples this darling carved sweetheart branch is perfect and inexpensive. We have a wood burnt/dremel version on our site if you want to see that one. The one below is the easier one. SEE ALL PHOTOS HERE

simple blogger background boards

Simple Blogger Background Boards

Make awesome photo backgrounds for mid to small size items. They look like real wood! You can use contact paper or even scrapbook paper. (Contact being the easiest Ü) (I have direct links to some of the items on Amazon on my full site post if you go there.) SEE ALL PHOTOS HERE

easy 20 minute wood snowman

Easy 20 Minute Wood Snowman

20 minutes is all you need to make this darling little inexpensive snowman (or snowwoman). Plus he won’t melt! SEE ALL 25 PHOTOS HERE!

30 min pinecone wreath

30 Min. Pinecone Wreath!

Take advantage of those pinecones in your yard! Gather up some pinecones and put together this darling pinecone wreath in as little as 30 minutes using only 3 supplies. SEE ALL PHOTOS HERE

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