recycled paper flowers home decor

Recycled Paper Flowers Home Decor

Wanna help your kids develop their artistic and motor skills? Learn how to make paper flowers for kids for a fun family activity you’ll all enjoy! These DIY paper flowers are not only fun and adorable but sooo relaxing to make too!

diy recycled painted rug

DIY Recycled Painted Rug

Bring a fresh breath to an old rug with this DIY painted rug tutorial! A recycled painted rug is the perfect base to recreate the pattern you love on an expensive rug or simply create a brand new design!

wine cork pumpkins

Wine Cork Pumpkins

These wine cork pumpkins are not only easy and fun but a great way to use up some recycled wine corks! This cheap fall decor is the perfect addition to your Fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving home decor!

hanging bats halloween decorations

Hanging Bats Halloween Decorations

This Halloween, wow your guests and trick-or-treaters with some amazing hanging bat decorations!My hanging bats turned out super cute, especially when I applied some googly eyes to my bats. But they look just as fun without eyes too. A simple craft idea anyone can make even the kiddos. The little ones will need a little help though as cutting out the bats involves a precision knife which is not that easy to use for those tiny hands. These hanging bats Halloween decor truly stand out hanging from the ceiling if you plan to keep the Halloween party indoors! But they look just as fun outdoors, hanging from trees and since I used foam paper these hanging bats are also weather proof.

wine bottle art home decor

Wine Bottle Art Home Decor

Opening up a wine bottle might be fun but recycling those bad boys is both fun and rewarding, particularly when you end up making gorgeous home decor like this wine bottle art! Making this twine wine bottle is insanely easy and you could use your newly created wine bottle home decor for so many other wonderful purposes.MATERIALS:Empty wine bottle washed and dryA roll of thick twineRoll of thin twineA roll of burlap ribbon with lace about 2” wide1 roll of lace about ¾” – an inch wideGlue gunThree small artificial leaves (you can cut some down from larger ones)Turquoise and orange craft paintSmall paint brushINSTRUCTIONS:Step 1. Use the thicker twine and glue gun to wrap around the bottom of the bottle. The twine should start a little bit higher than the bottom and go up about 4 times around the bottle or about 1” high.

diy rope rug

DIY Rope Rug

Dress up your entryway with a pretty, durable and affordable rope rug! So easy to make and a great way to add some rustic touch to your entryway! I found this rug the prettiest thing on earth and I’m still so smitten with that fluffy, thick fringe! And although a couple of years went by, it still looks and feels great! It seemed so durable when I made it and turns out, it really is! Perfect for outdoors, thanks to the materials I used

how to dye roses at home

How to Dye Roses at Home

Roses are so pretty and elegant and smell fabulous! A great addition to your home decor but also a nice, thoughtful gift. And tie dye roses are even prettier! You can

monster inc painted rocks

Monster Inc Painted Rocks

Looking for a family friendly activity that is fun, easy and affordable? Rock painting for kids has never been more enjoyable with these monster painted rocks!This painted rocks craft is not only a great kid activity but a lovely way to spruce up your garden this summer! Great way to add a fun touch to your garden!

bee craft for kids

Bee Craft for Kids

Looking for a fun way to decorate your kids’ bedroom? Teach young children to make adorable DIY bees with this bee craft using old Kinder egg shells!

diy craft stick shelves wall decor

DIY Craft Stick Shelves Wall Decor

These geometric wall shelves are not only functional but they’re cute and beautiful as well. This stick shelves project is so easy and affordable, requiring just a handful of supplies.This stick wall hanging is a super easy project you could enjoy making together with kids. They’ll be thrilled to be able to create their own home decor and you’ll be happy to keep them occupied during all those long days of summer break!MATERIALS:2 packs of over 70 large/jumbo crafts sticks eachWhite glue or craft glueStain (can also use brown craft paint and water)Foam paint brushINSTRUCTIONS:Start with 6 craft sticks and make a polygon. You need to look at the photo below to see how the sticks overlap each other in a particular way. Every opposite one will either be over the others or under the others on either side. You must follow this pattern.

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