The perfect warm gray?

I've been digging around for the perfect warm gray for my living room. I'm a little bit of a picky person, and I've already blown through many Benjamin Moore paint samples. I really want to get the job done right, and I'm getting frustrated because I still feel like I can't find "the one."
I've tried:
Abalone: too red/bland
Shale: too red
Thunder: too bland
Etiquette, Classic Grey, Barren Plain, Grey Owl: all too light
Taos Taupe, Shenandoah Taupe: too dark
Berkshire Beige: too brown
Stone's the finalist so far...
The colors in my home are:
Squirrel Tail, Metropolitan, Blue Porcelain, Greyhound, and Aganthus Green. I like gray, gray, and more gray. I do not like brown, however, my kitchen has brown accents (floor, cabinets, and granite counter tops). Since the room I'm painting (the living room) is connected to the kitchen, I feel like I have to find a gray that will work with the browns in the kitchen. Currently, my living room is Mountain Lane green.
Please help! I need recommendations for a warm gray that's light enough for a small room with limited natural light, but also dark enough to make a statement.
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