How do I grow a tangerine tree?

Can I grow a tangerine tree in Ohio or can I grow one in a container inside and still grow tangerines to eat?

Can I grow tangerine seeds outside in Ohio?

My uncle lives in Arizona and sent me tangerines from his own trees. Do I grow the seeds indoors or outdoors?

What glue will hold the silicone grip on my crochet hook?

The silicone grip came unglued from my crochet hook. I tried super glue but it won't hold the hook from turning.

Hiw do I plant an oak tree from seed??

I want to grow an oak tree from seed. Do I crack open the acorn or plant it as is?

Growing a blueberry bush in a container, do I bring in for winter?

Container in for tge winter or leave it outside and do I stop watering it for the winter?

Linda Duval
Linda Duval