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Make Your Own Wind Chimes

I love wind chimes in the garden. Hearing the sound of them brings me back to so many wonderful times in the backyard - as an adult and as a child. I looked into making my own and found that they were surprisingly easy!
These wind chimes can be customized in so many ways - and awesomely enough - the supplies are soooo inexpensive! (Material sources can be found in the blog post)

creating a blue patina with paint, painted furniture, It s a lovely blue and one that has just the right weathered spots as if this was truly copper that had aged naturally

Creating a Blue Patina With Paint!

My garden bench was a hot mess of rust and neglect. It had rusted, peeled, and was essentially the most dangerous thing in my garden space.
But I brought it back to life with Modern Masters' reactive metallic paints. Using just their patina solution, I transformed this sad scrap-heap of a bench into a gorgeous blue garden showpiece.

no sew ottoman reupholstering, painted furniture, What a difference A new look that completely changes the room

No Sew Ottoman Reupholstering

Our leather ottoman somehow contracted a hideous skin condition (peeling and cracking and just looking a hot mess), so I tackled the job of recovering it. I opted to keep it simple and came up with a no-sew way of reupholstering it.

bring brass back and how to clean it naturally, cleaning tips, Once finished your brassy pieces should be ready to strut their stuff Brass is back baby

Bring Brass Back! (And How To Clean It Naturally)

I have become taken by all-things-golden. While perusing the aisle of the thrift store, I stumbled upon some brass pieces. I realized: this is golden, and doesn't even need the help of spray paint! Unforunately, neglected pieces need some love, so with products already in my house, I managed to bring back the lustre of these pieces. Brass is misunderstood - using it as an accent is actually very effective (and on trend, as well!)

rustic upcycled outdoor chandelier, gardening, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

Rustic Upcycled Outdoor Chandelier

You will most likely already have the materials needed for this rustic chandelier. Who knew that a tomato cage and some chicken wire could end up being such a beautiful piece of patio lighting?

washi tape specimen art, crafts, home decor, Arrange the butterflies on scrapbooking paper and admire

Washi Tape Specimen Art

This is an easy piece, yet it's got great impact. Using washi tape as the "pattern" for these cutout butterflies, this specimen art piece is full of colour. The frame is a garage sale find - a bit of spraypaint and washi tape glammed it up! This is great wall art for the summer!

how to quickly make napkin rings, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

DIY Your Napkin Rings (in Minutes!)

A beautiful table setting is so welcoming - especially during holiday times when you want everything to look decadent and carefully chosen.
I love napkin rings, but not their price tags. I made my own this year, using something I often recycle in the kitchen.

nautical mason jar lanterns, crafts, mason jars, outdoor living

Nautical Mason Jar Lanterns

These mason jar lanterns are easy to make, and have great impact on the patio. Use vinyl, decals, or scrapbooking embellishments to create interesting and upcycled patio lighting!

upcycled tin can luminaries, crafts, decoupage, repurposing upcycling

Upcycled Tin Can Luminaries

A perfect craft for Earth Day or Easter - upcycle your tin cans into gorgeous luminaries for your patio space, or for camping! Using this handy punch, you can create tin-can lanterns in no time flat!

make your own fridge liners, crafts, Fit placemats onto shelves Cut or layer them Installation is easy

Make Your Own Fridge Liners!

The fridge is a place where spills, goo, and grime are imminent. It's as if food fights happen in the night as we sleep. These easy DIY fridge coasters are inexpensive and make cleaning the fridge easy and efficient. By installing plastic placemats onto shelves and into condiment containers, there is no longer any need for hauling out large, awkward shelves (which, let's face it, do not fit into most sinks). Simply slip out the placemat, wipe it down and re-install! Easy, efficient and - happily enough - kind of pretty!
Check out the blog link if you want to see the details on my "before". Trust me, it will make you feel better about your own fridge situation.

Tara @ Suburble
Tara @ Suburble