cute little side table with decoupage napkins

Cute Little Side Table With Decoupage Napkins.

I saw this cute little table at my favorite place , You all know by now Goodwill $6.99 . It had this real cool detail below the drawers but it had a lot of buckled and peeling veneer. Wasn't sure about working with it. Well I went to bed bath and beyond to look for bedding and I walked past the hand napkins and I spotted the design . They were on clearance for $3.99 . No brainer then I rushed back to Goodwill keeping my fingers crossed that the table would still be there. Score . Now home to put it all together.

another sad and lonley rocking chair looking for an baby to be rocked

Another Sad and Lonley Rocking Chair Looking for a Baby to Be Rocked

I found another sad and lonely rocking chair at my favorite hang out Good will . I will be 60 soo and I remember my Mom telling me that back in the day Dr. Spock , not the Star trek character to let the baby cry awhile. Well when I cam along she said to heck with that " I'm gonna rock and snuggle my baby girl" So I always had space for a rocking chair when my kids were babies. And when my grandbaby was born I think I had a rocking chair in every room. So hopefully this little beauty will find a good home.

here i go again another trash to treasure rocking chair this time

Here I Go Again Another Trash to Treasure Rocking Chair This Time

I found this nasty looking rocking chair again at my favorite hang out. Good will.$12. She was really dirty and the finish was all crackly looking . I think it is called alligatoring.

another trash to treasure this time found at the local mission thrift

Another Trash to Treasure This Time Found at the Local Mission Thrift

I found this sad looking fold down desk at the Mission shop . Some had done a horrible faux finish on it. Not even sure what look they were going for the color was just down right ugly . But they did use a good paint and it was a mess to get . I don't usually use stripper I like to sand the finish down but this puppy needed the heavy duty stripper.

oak table update from so so to ooohhh la la

Oak Table Update From " SO , SO " to " OOOHHH La LA "

I purchased this Oak table years back from money left to me by my uncle. It gets a lot of use and it was looking a little beat up. For sentimental reasons I couldn't part with it. Plus it's hard to find good solid wood furniture and a table with 4 leaves that make it huge. I had seen a similar post here on hometalk and saved it to show my husband. He liked the idea. I had to wait for a week of yucky weather cause I love being outside working in the yard. So here is my first week of summer project.

another trash to treasure from goodwill

Another Trash to Treasure From Goodwill.

I'm going to have to look for a 12 step program to help me with my Goodwill addiction. I actually tried walking away from dresser several times ,but it won my heart and next thing I know I'm loading it into the jeep. I have never seen anything like it before .

i can even go to a chistmas bazzar and find project to do

I Can Even Go to a Chistmas Bazzar and Find Project to Do.

I went to a local Christmas bazzar and the church itself had a booth of odds ands and collectables. This poor little chair had a price tag of $6.00 . My friend and my and my Daughter in law both said you gotta get it. So off it went into the back of the Jeep . I tucked it safely in the basement cause if my husband saw it would have a fit. I have tons of projects going on all the time.

pond make over for about the 5th time

Pond Make Over for About the 5th Time.

This pond started out several years ago with a plastic tub and a couple of spillovers. They were a constant problem because they would leak and the fish could never make it down to the bottom pond with out jumping out . I think this will be the final plan. Unless I come up with another crazy Idea.

giant elephant ear plant stepping stones

Giant Elephant Ear Plant Stepping Stones

I have seen these stones done on a smaller scale but here is one upsized . My elephant ear plant out did itself this year . The leaves were huge . I actually used a few of the small ones for the stones

poor little roadside chairs reborn

Poor Little Roadside Chairs Reborn.

I found these 2 little white folding rockers on the roadside. The white paint was chalking off but I knew they were sturdy with no rotten wood. So once again I'm dragging big stuff home in my tiniest car. I do have a big SUV but this little car makes it more of an adventure. So here goes the rebirth of these two chairs!

Franny Monaghan Lathe
Franny Monaghan Lathe