pumpkin hair

Pumpkin Hair

Did you know that pumpkins have hair? Well they do now! I actually stole this idea from my daughter-in-law and son. Jaclyn & Ryan are very creative.

halloween wizard of oz witch legs

Halloween - Wizard of OZ Witch Legs

Let the decorating begin!Ever since I’ve seen stripped tights for witch legs I’ve wanted to make thIs. Probelm is, they sell out so fast but I snagged them this year!

alice in wonderland inspired decorations

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Decorations.

My friend is turning 50. Her family & I have been planning her party for many months now. However, she has no idea of this as she should not. What she has now decided is to throw herself her own party.A mad hatter inspired tea party. We beat her to it!Now, I could go insane purchasing decorations. However, I also can make my own. In the movie Alice comes upon a sign with multiple arrows on it pointed in various directions to go this way,that way, go back, to the rabbit hole etc.This is what I'm making today.

renters patio plastic pallet patio

Renters Patio- Plastic Pallet Patio

Plastic pallet patioWe helped my son and his wife with a patio build for their rental home.They can make changes but if it changes the home or yard they have to leave it.So, my son got creative not wanting to leave their project; making it portablefor the next place or reuse it another way.

charcoal grill fire pit

Charcoal Grill Fire Pit

My son’s and his wife have a sweet rental home. They can make small changes and are very creative.We helped them this weekend, July 4 th putting this together for our s’mores tonight.His weber grill that he tried to sell but no one wanted and he decided to turn it into a fire pit.

metal table makeover

Metal Table Makeover

After my last metal chair makeover, I mentioned to hubby that I'd love to find a metal table. He replies, Like the one I have in the garage?We pull out a table we had years ago that was lost in the garage and I forgot about it. Last year I purchased the white bench you'll see and still need to repaint it but that's for later. Here is my 1970's, 3' round steel table.

garden bassinet

Garden Bassinet

I found this beautiful, old wicker bassinet on the side of the road. Hubby asks, what the heck do you need that for? I replied you'll see. He just purchased a truck so, we could do household things easier. I said, how exciting! Our first load. The look from him was precious. Then we passed the flower stand and we stopped to get 2 trays or 8 - 4 pack of flowers. That morning, I was sad because I had not planted any flowers yet and it was June. I guess the inspiration was waiting for this.

spice up the spice cabinet

Spice up the Spice Cabinet.

Although this idea is not new and others have posted great ideas, I decided to use what I had. I'd love cute containers but they are costly and what spices come in have great tops and keep my items fresh. When I was taking it all apart, it amazed me how many doubles, triples an old spices that I had. It is important to throw out old spices or recycle them as potpourri or carpet freshener depending on what smell it is.

repourposed lampshade into a solar water fountain

Repourposed Lampshade Into a Solar Water Fountain

Starting out as a joke, I decided to turn a lampshade I was given, (simply because my husband didn't want me taking any more "junk")into a solar water fountain.Who can relate?

1970 s metal chair update

1970's Metal Chair Update

These are our 1970's bouncy metal chairs. They have been painted so many times & the wood replaced. My brother is a boat repair man and said to really get new long life, we had to use Teak wood. This was super expensive but luckily he and the guy who had the wood worked out a trade. Lucky me!I wanted to give these as a gift to my brother in law who has helped my parents immensely but he wouldn't take them. So, on a trip for a visit, I told himI had a project and needed his help. I came clean they were actually for him. However, he ended up doing most of the work! Here is the progress.

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