creating a western themed fence in the garden, fences, gardening, outdoor living, Love that I could these old garage sale finds

Creating a Western Themed Fence in the Garden

We finally used the old wagon wheels we have dragged from home to home for 20 years! Let me know what you think. More photos at the link below. I love my new western themed garden fence.

recycling concrete driveways into a beautiful rock garden wall, concrete masonry, flowers, gardening, landscape, perennial, repurposing upcycling, The first spring flowers opened up The neighbours love watching this garden grow

Recycling concrete driveways into a beautiful rock garden wall.

One of my directors at the community garden constructed this rock wall using reclaimed driveways. She did this all by herself. Makes me tired just thinking about all the work. What a great way to save concrete from going to the landfill.

how to grow sweet peas from seed

How to Grow Sweet Peas From Seed

Growing sweet peas from seed can be a challenge at times. Often the seed coat is so hard the seed doesn't germinate. Today I will go over some easy ways to help you.

starting seeds for the first time

Starting Seeds For the First Time

Growing from seed can be overwhelming for new gardeners. Today I will go through some basic steps to get you growing from seed successfully. There are so many more choices when growing from seed!

how to grow poppies

How to Grow Poppies

I love poppies but they are not always that easy to grow from seed. Often we plant the seeds at the wrong time of year. Let's look at how we can have a beautiful poppy garden.

how to grow basil successfully

How to Grow Basil Successfully

Basil is one of the most popular herbs to grow. I will give you some tips to keep your plants healthy from starting seeds to bringing in the harvest.

hot colours of july, gardening, Dahlia Honka

Hot Colours of July

Loving the hot colours of July as they remind me of fall just around the corner. Starting to plan the fall garden with Asters, new gardens, spring bulbs.

how to build a rock garden, gardening, landscape, succulents, Remember to use plants that are in scale with the garden The Shasta daisy was removed from this bed and moved elsewhere in the garden

How to Build a Rock Garden

Have you ever wondered how to build one of those fabulous rock gardens? We did just that by using recycled driveways. From elaborate rock gardens to rock walls, read about it here.

how to take care of your new tomato plants, container gardening, gardening, Be sure to water your newly transplanted tomato to reduce stress on the plant

How to Take Care of Your New Tomato Plants

Learn how to transplant your tomato plants once you get them home and more info on tomato growing from a crazy tomato lover.

how to throw a garden party for thirty people

How to Throw a Garden Party for Thirty People

I offered to host a garden party for homeowners that were opening their gardens to the public. As one of the organizers we wanted a way to say thank you.

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