How do I paint or decorate this fireplace screen?

I bought this wooden screen cheap and painted it white (it had 80s or 90s style country houses on it ). I want to use it just for Christmas in front of a fireplace that doesn’t work. I am not artistic but I attempted to draw windows and doors on here just as a test over primer. I need ideas for how to make it look Christmassy.
q how do i paint or decorate this fireplace screen

Landscaping ideas for hill with poor drainage- I'd love suggestions!

I want to make the side of my house more appealing. The biggest problem here is that when it rains the water washes away mulch, etc. French drains were installed over 14 years ago prior to our buying the house and they no longer work. We are in the process of killing weeds. We planted one rooted rose trimming from a friend, and 5 small bushes In late March or early April . I'd love suggestions!
q landscaping ideas for hill with poor drainage

Jane Bryant Duer
Jane Bryant Duer