giant framed pegboard easy pretty

Giant Framed Pegboard - Easy & Pretty!

I've been hard at work on my craft room and knew I wanted a big pegboard. But I wanted it to look GOOD, too! So I created a large, painted and framed pegboard with cute flower rosettes in the corner.See the full tutorial at

craft supply storage wallflower from pvc pipes

Craft Supply Storage "Wallflower" From PVC Pipes

Have a lot of craft paint bottles you need to store? Or maybe just a lot of other smaller things like markers? You can use PVC pipe to create cute storage for your wall! I call this my "wallflower."See the full tutorial and more photos at

easy copper pipe curtain rods

Easy Copper Pipe Curtain Rods

Love the look of copper and want to make easy, inexpensive curtain rods? You can do it with COPPER PIPES. No, really! Copper pipes are plentiful and pretty, and make great curtains rods for any size window.View the full tutorial with more photos at

diy craft table with storage

DIY Craft Table With Storage

I wanted a big craft table with lots of workspace AND lots of storage. It turns out this is not something you just buy. But I didn't want to make it entirely from scratch either. So I hacked together some inexpensive IKEA units into an amazing craft table with tons of storage!See the full tutorial here:

how to install shelves with under lighting

How to Install Shelves With Under Lighting

Need more storage and lighting at the same time! Install shelves up near your ceiling and add LED under shelf lighting for a fantastic effect!See the full tutorial at

cleaning closet makeover, Our cleaning closet transformation

Cleaning Closet Makeover

Organize your cleaning closet to find what you need faster AND fit in all the necessities! This project utilizes all the space in a small closet by using shelves and storage on the back of the door.See the full tutorial at

make a glitter globe atop a mason jar

Make a Glitter Globe Atop a Mason Jar

Move over snowglobes! I've got an even better idea -- a glitter globe! And let's put it atop a Mason jar! The best part of this idea is the glitter stays in the globe, not on you AND you get to fill the Mason jar with goodies. This is perfect for all of those "gifts in a jar." Of course, you can also make this as a snowglobe jar! I'll show you how to make both.For the full tutorial, please visit

framed pegboard craft tool organizer

Framed Pegboard Craft Tool Organizer

I needed a way to store my craft tools, but also move them around the room with me as I craft. So I came up with this portable pegboard idea. I use an old frame with an easel stand so I can both hang it up on the wall as well as stand it up on a table. It works great!See the full tutorial at up your materials. Be sure you have the tools or whatever else you want to hang from your pegboard, too, so you can decide on placement of pegs.

turn an old sweater into a pumpkin

Turn an Old Sweater Into a Pumpkin!

Got old sweaters? You can use them to create really cute pumpkins for your home decor this autumn. And no sewing is involved! It's simple, fast, and fun.Get the full tutorial at:

diy eclipse viewer

DIY Eclipse Viewer - Safe and Adjustable!

The Great American Eclipse is Monday, August 21 -- are you ready for it? Solar eclipse glasses are sold out, so I've designed an eclipse viewer made from things I had around the house. The great thing is that I can adjust the length of my viewer for a larger image of the eclipse, or shorten it for a brighter image. This is also a great way to beat the heat of the sun during the eclipse, as you'll keep your back to the sun with this viewer.Get the full tutorial and the free viewer pattern at: 1: Gather your materials. You'll need cardstock cut out in according to my pattern (see link above), tape (I recommend both Scotch tape and Duct tape), aluminum foil, and a pin or needle.

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