Do you know the name of this flower?

I found this at a school garden, and I know it’s a perennial geranium, but not the name of this color blue.
q do you know the name of this flower

How and when should I cut my Jax mania climatis?

I’m thinking I should cut my 2 yr old jack mania climatis to the ground in the fall. Am I right?

How do you get gerbera Daisy’s to keep blooming?

Every year I tell myself not to buy these, but I can’t resist how pretty and vibrant they are, but I can’t keep them blooming! I use bloom boost. I’ve planted in... See more

How do you get rid of scale?

I have white sticky goo on my azaleas, I believe is scale. I had this last year, and now it’s back again. I sprayed with dormant spray last year which, didn’t seem to... See more

How do I get more blooms on daffodills?

I have about 8 clumps of daffodils across the front of my house, but only get maybe 2-3 flowers each plant. They are maybe 3-4 yr old clumps, in the sun, ferlized.... See more

Is it ok to dig my cannas up now?

Im in western PA, and we haven't had a hard frost yet, but anxious to get my cannas dug up before weather changes for the worse. Do you think it's ok to dig, even... See more

How to get out musty basement smells on decorations?

I pulled out my fall deco, I stored in a plastic tote in the cellar, everything smelled musty, almost ready to pitch. How should I store next time? I used frebreeze,... See more

Can you identify this lavender?

My lavender died this pass winter, so I purchased a new one, and it has the tallest flowers ever, about 3 ft, pale lavender flowers. I didn't see a tag on it when... See more
q can you identify this lavender