handmade halloween burlap jack o lantern

Handmade Halloween - Burlap Jack O Lantern

I belong to a Facebook group where people post pictures of things they have decorated. This woman posted a picture of her porch and it was decorated for Halloween. So cute. Amongst all her cute things were these burlap jack o lanterns and I asked her if she made them. She hadn't so I searched for them and I later found them online at AtHome. As luck would have it, it appeared that I had everything needed to make these so I thought I would give it a shot.

handmade halloween buffalo check pumpkins

Handmade Halloween - Buffalo Check Pumpkins

This Halloween I have been on the hunt for the elusive Buffalo Check Pumpkins. I know they exist because I have seen them all over Instagram but I haven't been able to find many where I live. One morning I spent 3 hours going from store to store just to try to find one or two. Most stores didn't have any and the one store that did have one... it was a tiny overpriced pumpkin. I just chalked it up to not having any this year. I had picked up to Dollar Tree pumpkins earlier in the season and they have been sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike. Then one morning in Michaels, I spotted a buffalo check bandana and an idea began to hatch. I thought about the 2 Dollar Tree pumpkins and this handkerchief cut into strips and that is the story of how this tutorial came to be.

a beautiful tablescape on a budget building the place setting part 1

A Beautiful Tablescape on a Budget-Building the Place Setting - Part 1

Are you looking to create a swoon worthy tablescape this year? I spend too much time scrolling Instagram and admiring the beautiful tables. I have never really done a tablescape before now. I believed that those pictures could not be done on a budget by someone who wasn't gifted with the interior design gene. That was, until now. It simply needed to be broken down into pieces and then assembled like a puzzle. Here is how I am starting my first tablescape ever. I had to explain to my husband what a tablescape even was. I am going to calculate the costs based on 4 place settings and then you can double as needed. I am a bargain shopper to the core and it pays to start early because in a matter of weeks, most decor will be picked over. But this decor can also last you many seasons/years. My table cloth will be Part 2 and the final reveal will be Part 3. And you DO NOT need everything that I show, I was just having fun creating layers and an interesting table.

recyling glass bottles into halloween decor part 2

Recyling Glass Bottles Into Halloween Decor - Part 2

When I posted my Scarecrow Bottles a while back, I received lots of great comments. One in particular, asked why I didn't paint the bottle green and make a witch? Truth be told, I was thinking about it but my artist skills are minimal and the nose was the part that would be the hardest for me on the witch. I mulled it over for a while and wondered if air dry clay would work for a nose. I used it to make a carrot nose for my "Do you want to build a snowman?" ornament last year so I decided to give it go and try. Here is part one of the scarecrow bottles that describes in more details the making of a basic scarecrow. https://www.hometalk.com/38896312/scarecrow-bottle-fun-fall-decorHere are the bottles that I used for this craft.

mirror mirror on the window window mirror film tutorial

Mirror, Mirror on the Window? Daylight Privacy Mirror Film Tutorial

**Update** I had some questions regarding using this on double pane windows so after a lot of research. I went to www.buydecorativefilm.com and found a quote that said it was safe for dual paned glass. There were a lot of reviews on Amazon and I couldn't find one that said it was a problem for their double pane windows but if in doubt, contact a professional window tint installer. ** When we bought this house a year ago, it was the house of many firsts. One first, was the fact that this house had windows on the garage. We had never had a garage with windows before. And you know what they say about first impressions. Every time someone walked to our front door, they would pass these windows first. When I set up the garage, I put a shelf in front of the window, because almost most of the other wall space had pegboards already on them. I put it in front of the window and I proceeded to load it with just about every paint can that I had. Every time I walked by the garage, I groaned but was too lazy to move the shelf and ALL THOSE cans of paint. So, I sent my husband to buy blinds. Either he bought the wrong size or I measured wrong and it was probably the latter. But, I hated seeing the inside of the garage so much, I attempted to put them up anyway. I don't know why we didn't take them back and get the right size. I think I just wasn't happy with how the blinds looked so it didn't matter. I am not sure how I came across this mirror window film but it looked like it might be the perfect solution for me.

scarecrow bottle fun fall decor

Scarecrow Bottles - Fun Fall Decor

This week's theme is Recycle the Summer, using summer items in new ways. I decided to use some of my summer recycling in this challenge. So, if you have been hoarding wine bottles or other bottles... this one's for you. My son bought some special soda bottles that are similar in shape to wine bottles. I remembered seeing some super cute Scarecrows from recycling glass bottles. So, I snagged them before they went into the recycling bin. And really any bottles could be adapted to this project, just be creative! I have a new tutorial that shows how the ghost, witch and new scarecrow are made that are shown in the video. You can find it here on Hometalk. It is called Recyling Glass Bottles into Halloween Decor Part 2.

anthropologie inspired picture frame

Anthropologie Inspired Picture Frame

This week's challenge is themed for Anthropologie Knock offs. Now, admittedly mine is a much more "inspired" than a knock off. No one is ever going to see my picture frame and think it came from Anthropologie but I could see someone saying that they liked it, knowing that it was hand made and then I could tell them that I was inspired by one from Anthropologie. This picture frame is probably one of the easiest projects that I have done in months and that means it was really enjoyable and relaxing! I love those kind of projects. It really went fairly according to my plan and that almost never happens. This would be a great end of summer activity for kids and you can use any combination of colors. Red, White and Blue for Labor Day? The frames are only $1 a piece so it is affordable as well as fun!

how i dressed up my wood wall shelf with mod podge and gift wrap

How I Dressed up My Wood Wall Shelf With Mod Podge and Gift Wrap.

No Room for an Entry Table? How about an entry shelf instead? At my front door, there isn't an abundance of room or space for an entry table. I really like to have a small surface right at the front door. I do have enough space for a very small table but I have a floor vent that interferes with every table or chair that I have tried to place there. I decided to put a shelf there and see how it works out. So far, so good. It is 37 inches from the floor. I did some research on the height of an average entry table and found it to be around 33 inches. When I held it in place, I felt it was lower than what I would like. We are a taller family so adjust according to your family. Also, there is a slightly wicked corner so it could be hazardous to some children and people. You know your family and if it would be problematic or not, for the people who live in and frequent your house. And just to make it extra pretty, I ordered some gift wrap from Spoonflower and used Mod Podge to put it on.

the pinterest inspired ferris wheel dresser

The Pinterest Inspired Ferris Wheel Dresser

I have been dragging an old dresser around for 5 years waiting for inspiration to strike. It has never been out of the garage in the last 4 houses. I kept thinking that I needed to get rid of it because we really needed the valuable garage real estate that it was occupying. There is a popular Ferris Wheel dresser on Pinterest. I went to the pin which led me to someone's 50 favorite dressers. Ugh, that is a lot of dressers to look through. When I finally found the ferris wheel one, it said source: Pinterest. The dreaded closed Pinterest Loop. I spent a lot of time trying to track down the original person who did this project but I didn't have any luck. Then I thought about the dresser in my garage and inspiration struck. Maybe I could try to recreate the ferris wheel dresser. Sounds easy right? Oh my... First, I had to track down the ferris wheel and I finally found it on FramedArt.com and it is by Gail Peck. **TIP** I think I found out later I could have gotten for cheaper at Hobby Lobby.

my faux stool table with hidden storage gardener version

My Faux Spool Table With Hidden Storage - Gardener Version

Do you ever have one of those projects that you think is going to be so easy that you will knock it out of the park in no time at all only to have it take twists and turns that you never saw coming? This was one of those projects. It all began simply with a tip I saw about keeping your gardening tools in a pail of oiled sand. I thought, "What a great idea!" Because I never feel like cleaning them off when I finish gardening. The problem that I have is that my gardens are closer to my porch than to my garage. So, when I go out to garden and come in, I usually go off the front porch. I either have gardening tools scattered across the porch or I bring them inside the house. They rarely make it back to the garage. My goal was to create a project that would hide the bucket of sand and garden tools on my front porch. Hidden in plain sight... And so it began...

Stacy Davis
Stacy Davis
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