How do I whiten refrigerator surfaces?

Time has yellowed interior and exterior of fridge, have tried straight bleach with no success, any suggestions?

How to hang oil lamps?

not sure was clear enough in my description of problem. J have several oil lamps that I want to hang on wall. These are old glass kerosene lamps. Have seen... See more

How to display antique lanterns on walls? Help!

I have several antique oil lanters that I would like to display on the walls, any ideas how I could do this?

Green tomatoes- will they ripen?

My wonderful grandson wanted to help his mimi with her tomatoes, so he picked them green, will they ripen?

Is it feasible to use Corrugated tin for a bathrrom?

am considering using tin for wall in bathroom, is it feasable?

Stained area in engineered wood floor

assumed this was mold but nothing I have used will remove it. Can the area be sanded and restained? If yes, how?
q stained area in engineered wood floor

Floor covering over concrete

need advice for cheaper options to put over concrete floors to provide some softening, must be dog tolerant

Covering concrete floors

Need to soften concrete floors with something that is cheap and dog tolerant

What can I use to cover large area in yard for the winter?

Yard being graded and I need to plant something to hold soil for winter. Any suggestions suitable for middle Oklahoma.

Sharon moore
Sharon moore