articulating led lamp

Articulating LED Lamp

The things needed to build this lamp:

rolling storage cabinet

Rolling Storage Cabinet

I made this rolling cabinet to lift up my jointer/planer machine and to have some useful storage underneath.Making it on wheels is perfect for small spaces as I can move it out of the way when I don't need it.

dovetail inlay joint

Dovetail Inlay Joint

Traditional and ancient but beautiful woodworking joint.

simple succulent planter

Simple Succulent Planter

I made these simple yet nice looking 4 piece set succulent planter for outdoors.You will need a plate under if you'd like to place them on the table indoors.Check the video build here:How to make Succulent Planters - Ep 005And subscribe here to see more videos - it's completely free, and ad free :)Andrea's Workshop

10 minute cutting board a perfect gift

10 Minute Cutting Board - A Perfect Gift!

***Please click play on the video to see how it's made***I quickly made this board out of Pepper tree wood.Great for a present for any occasion!It can be made out of any hardwood.Look for nice grain pattern and avoid knots.You need a jig saw, and sandpaper (sander is optional).Buy a board, cut it to any shape and sand it smooth - that's it!Like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel for more videos!Thanks for watching!Visit my YouTube

diy wooden easel

DIY Wooden Easel

***Please click play on the video to see how it's made***DIY wooden easel. Limited tools project!I'm making a wooden easel as a woodworking introduction to students in high school. A friend asked me if I can make it simple with limited tools so I made it.To visit my YouTube channel click on the

play tent for children

Play Tent for Kids - Summer Fun DIY!

Me and my wife Barbara made this simple but awesome play tent for children.We decided to do it because we couldn't pay for commercially available ones that cost over $250.Also I wanted it to be assembled and disassembled fast and without fasteners. It was made from recycled oak wood and we bought the felt in a store that sell cut offs. The total price for build was less than $10.The frame is made without fasteners nor glue (all solid wood joinery).The material for tent is felt and clear nylon for windows.

hand tool cabinet, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, repurposing upcycling, tools

Hand Tool Cabinet

I made a hand tool cabinet for my workshop.It helps me organize my collection of hand tools and have them handy when needed.I wasn't hard to make it, just time consuming but well worth it!I love it!

pendant lamp from recycled wood, lighting

Pendant Lamp From Recycled Wood

Make this gorgeous pendant light from some recycled wood with just three tools!

diy finishing wax food safe

DIY Finishing Wax (Food Safe)

You'll need this simple yet awesome wax finish for your woodworking projects like cutting boards, toys, tabletops....and even to protect your leather shoes!

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