start seeds like a pro, container gardening, gardening, homesteading, Get them into as much light and sun as possible Winter sun is so weak the plants need every bit plus more if possible

Start Seeds Like a Pro

There ARE some things that professional growers do that you can do at home to increase your chances of success growing seeds this Spring.

how to plant a strawberry jar that lives, gardening, Strawberry Jar that LIVES

How to Plant a Strawberry Jar That Lives!

Almost any plant will thrive in a strawberry jar planted this way! This one irresponsible woman left one at my garden center for months and we figured out a way to make it grow!
We grew and sold so many planted just like this! Herbs, strawberries, everything.
Use a paper tube and perlite to make a natural drainage system that keeps the plants watered and keeps the soil from compacting.

easiest antique style christmas ornaments ever, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, These are some of the originals I made in high school

Easiest Antique Style Christmas Ornaments Ever!

These cute little soldiers are the biggest hit every Christmas. My boys insist on combing through the decorations until we find them. Then there are battles. Marches. Capture the candy cane!

raised bed a super producer, gardening, raised garden beds

Raised Bed a Super Producer!

Remember the Fast, Easy, Cheap Raised Bed?
It's grown up now and is the star producer in the garden!

whole wheatgrass table, crafts, gardening, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, I cut this old plywood to the shape of the tabletop

Whole Wheatgrass Table!

Wheatgrass is so fast growing and so pretty. It only takes a few days to get magazine quality plants! It looks so chic growing in almost anything. Must be why they use it in interior design spreads. Expanded, it makes an impressive statement piece! Here's a whole table!

algae eliminator, gardening, homesteading, Got gunk Inside your potting soil bag Peel it off dry it out and compost it

Algae Eliminator

Algae grows in damp, shady places. And sometimes sunny ones. This trick doesn't kill the algae, it just makes the conditions very inhospitable so it doesn't grow. You will still need to keep things drier.

save the tom toms freeze warning, gardening, I rubber banded the tomato vines to a hanger and hung them in the coat closet

Save the Tom Toms - Freeze Warning!

My mother says they did this every year in Michigan to extend the harvest past frost.

prep your pumpkin, go green, If you cook it whole before scooping out the seeds MAKE SURE TO VENT

Prep Your Pumpkin

Don't be intimidated about cooking a whole pumpkin. It is easy! Ours is so soft, we never have to do more than just scoop it out and freeze in one cup quantities. It will be ready to use, just like canned. One cup is the equivalent of what is needed in most recipes.

what to plant in november, flowers, gardening, This arugula planted itself choked out competitors and is reseeding itself Love arugula

What to Plant in November!

Still planting! Winter crops are roots and leafy greens. Around here that's beets and collards, And fruit trees, bushes... Here's the list:

raised garden bed for winter plants, diy, gardening, raised garden beds, 8ft 2x4s long then one cut in half to make the ends Leaves manure and mulch all free turned over into the soil

Fast, Cheap, Effective Garden Bed For Winter Plants!

Everywhere I've lived, even Ohio, winter gardening is possible and working in the garden on pretty winter days is a great relief from the cold, gray wet days! Here's a cheap, fast way to get a manageable sized garden started in just a couple hours.

Caley's Culinaries
Caley's Culinaries