Rose bush protection?

I have two rose bushes that I covered the base of last year with about 5" of mulch to protect from winter cold and snow like the instructions said I should. This... See more

Find out about this dresser?

I have seen a lot of talk lately about waterfall furniture and got a bit curious about the one I purchased at a garage sale for $15 about 34 years ago, so I know it... See more
q find out about this dresser

Gardens and Irish Spring soap.

Not a question, a solution tried. I just want to thank Hometalk and all of you contributors. Background, every year I have tried to plant any bulbs i.e. Tulips,... See more
t gardens and irish spring soap

Windows and rain- what can I do?

When it rains my windows get direct hits, leaving the proof that it rained. What would be the best way to have the rain not leave the resulting residue (spots) all... See more

Grated Irish Spring

Hi, I know I've read numerous times about using Irish Spring Soap spread around the garden to keep animals out. I was just finishing up spreading some around my... See more

Question about Cleaning with Vinegar.

I see so many cleaning hacks using vinegar, which I am all for by the way. I have a gallon of vinegar handy at all times to sanitize. However, I was wondering... See more

Rustic, Vintage, Farmhouse, Distressed?

Please, can someone tell me what the difference is between the above four designs? They all seem to be alike, at least to me they do. I myself wouldn't know the... See more

Doors won't stay shut.

Hi Hometalk folks! I am having an issue with two of my interior doors staying shut, because the doorknob part that is supposed to latch into the door jamb part is... See more

Don't stop sending me Hometalk

No question. Just love checking out all of the very talented and creative people you showcase. Love going through all of the projects and crafts you send out on a... See more

What can I do with these doors?

All of my room doors have slats and I really hate them. They are a nightmare to dust too. The only room that have solid doors is the bathroom. I need help and I... See more
q what can i do with these doors

KD Redlowske
KD Redlowske