painting rocking chairs for a front porch update

Painting Rocking Chairs for a Front Porch Update

Over time we accumulate furniture and who knows how well it will match up. My front porch had become this less than welcoming place so, it was time to update some of the furniture to give it a cohesive look! You can see the specific tools I used on the blog! ~>

spray your furniture for an inexpensive yet flawless finish

Setting up Your Sprayer for a FLAWLESS Finish!

Spraying doesnt have to be so difficult or expensive! With the RIGHT Sprayer and know how you can do it too!! The hardest thing is taking it out of the box and getting started. So, im taking the guesswork out for you!Most people get their sprayer and dont take it out of the box for MONTHS or NEVER AT ALL.They need to know:How do I load it?What if the paint is too thick?What if the paint is too thin?While Im using the Finish Max, rest assured these principals will apply to most ALL sprayers! The Best tip I can give is to just dive in and be willing to get messy and work through it!If you like this you may love one of my other teaching forums! See them here ~>

5 minutes image transfer

5 Minutes Image Transfer!

Always wanted to add YOUR image to a piece of furniture or sign?? Its as simple as using your computer, printer, and KIDS TATTOO PAPER! Who Would have thought it??You need: PAINT if you want to paint first or over it, I use Wise Owl and you get a discount if you use the Hometalk exclusive code "HOMETALKER" at Temporary Tattoo Paper but be sure to choose the right one for your printer Inkjet~> Jet~> those two-I tried several brands and types, and those were the no fail, cleanest printing and easiest to apply options!

how to create a blended paint finish

How to Create a Blended Paint Finish

By gaining confidence in blending paint, we are able to create depth similar to waxes and glazes without having to buy the extra product and add the extra layers of products-risking an extra opportunity to make a mistake or lengthen the process THAT much more! We just have to learn the right techniques to pull it off!To purchase the products you see me using here, including Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint simply go to~> you can also see there what local retailers may be in your area!To see everything I used and see the full post go here~>

create a pantry from an old bookcase

Create a Pantry From an Old Bookcase

Once upon a time there was an old, stinky, very outdated, bookcase... and a sweet lady that wanted a Pantry for her newly remodeled kitchen,.. and a very nervous DIY Girl to take on the task.. Here is their story.. This guy was falling apart in many areas! BUT the dimensions happened to be PERFECT for the odd space we had to work with...

create a new removable tray top for your topless dresser

Create a New Removable Tray Top for Your Topless Dresser!

Sometimes those stone tops crack and crumble and break! ...but that doesnt mean its useless! Recreate one you love! Making a Tray that can flip upside down to secure tightly and then be used as a serving tray takes this Eastlake Buffet to a whole new level!!

how to create patriotic plank art

How to Create Patriotic Plank Art

Check out how you can take a simple piece of wood and create an EASY statement piece of art for your home!

making a failed diy fabulous

Making a Failed DIY Fabulous!

Sometimes you find yourself in the midst of some DIY gone horribly wrong. Sometimes its ours, we got brave and jumped in before we had ANY Idea what we were doing,.. sometimes we inherit them from others that just need the failure removed from view,.. I was presented with one,.. and accepted the challenge.

a mothers day rocking chair makeover, First Layer

A Mothers Day Rocking Chair Makeover

My mother in law had this old rocker that had seen MANY colors of paint! But it was time to give it a whole new fresh look! So, she sent it over to me for a special treat! It may have taken far longer than it should have, but hopefully she still loves the end result,.. besides, I was just waiting for mothers day! ;-)

renew an old dresser to be a statement piece

Renew An Old Dresser To Be A Statement Piece!

This old dresser was totally ready for the trash pile! I grabbed it up first though! The finish was failing badly and mostly worn away. But, I could see it had a new life to live!{See the Full Story}

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