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Garden Space

Transformation of my kids playhouse into a garden shed and garden space!
I call this my Junk Garden, I have tried to do as much as I can from free, thrift-ed, or cheep materials to make my space a true extension of who I am, things I love, and creative ideas!

upcycled lotion bottles

Upcycled Glass Lotion Bottles

Noticed someone online selling some used glass lotions bottles in several different colors. I purchased all of the bottles for $5.00 to use for a couple fun projects. For this project I decided to use three of the bottles in each of my bathrooms for hand soap.

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Start to Finish Playhouse / Garden Shed

Here are pictures of the Playhouse my husband and I build for our two kids! The finished size is 8'x6', unfortunately we don't have a supplies list here are pictures from start to finish. See other my other posts for more pictures of this playhouse transformed into a garden shed!

pet memorial shadow box

Pet Memorial Shadow Box

Our family recently said goodbye to our beloved four legged pooch. I wanted to create a memorial shadow box in her honor as well as create one for a pet that we lost five years ago. I love the way both boxes came out!

farmhouse pallet wall decor

Farmhouse Pallet Wall Decor

I have a nice sized wall in my dining room that really needed something. My home is decorated in an industrial farmhouse Style. After a lot of thought I decided to create my own farmhouse wall décor, using a picture I took of my husband’s grandparent’s farm, a pallet picture frame that I had from a previous project, and some mod podge.

miniature gnome garden

Miniature Gnome Garden

On Earth day my kids and I decided to create a miniature gnome garden! We have all had a fascination with these small gardens and the little people that live in them. About a year ago we started collecting things, but could never decide just what to plant our miniature garden in.

den flooring makeover going from carpet to wood

Den Flooring Makeover Going From Carpet to Wood

Recently purchased a home with a den area that was in desperate need of new flooring. I decided to use some weathered hardwood flooring that was left by the previous owner!

pallets garden shed build playhouse, diy, gardening, outdoor living, pallet, storage ideas

Playhouse / Garden Shed

What started out as a playhouse my husband and I built for our kids got transformed over the summer into a garden shed for me to tinker in and be close to my garden!

up cycled window pet pircutre frame

Up-cycled Window Pet Picture Frame

Making my pet's space more fun by using an up-cycled old window I picked up at a yard sale, I will turn it into a picture frame to frame out a picture I took of my three dogs.

industrial towel bar

Industrial Towel Bar

We have lived in this home for about 8 months and our powder room sits right off our garage. We have been in need of a sturdy towel bar that matched our homes rustic farmhouse industrial decor! I love conduit its fun, sturdy, and functional.

Dawn Shupick
Dawn Shupick
About meI love Junk! I enjoy gardening, photography, anything DIY home related, refinishing furniture, and scrapbooking!
I am a Stay at Home Mom and enjoy every minute of it! My husband, two kids, and three dogs keep me busy and help me with my many projects! Over the past 13 years we have lived in and flipped 7 homes, we just recently moved into our 8th final project home. We have also helped my Mom flip 3 homes!