turquoise and white jewelry cabinet makeover

Turquoise and White Jewelry Cabinet Makeover

This thrift store makeover started with one of the nicest jewelry cabinets I’ve found at a in a long time. I almost didn’t paint it. But you know me… I have to paint everything! Plus I had some turquoise paint leftover from a previous project so this became a turquoise and white jewelry cabinet makeover.{{{ Get your own printable copies of "25 Things You Should ALWAYS Buy at Thrift Stores" AND "Top Ten Thrift Store Tips" when you sign up for our thrift store makeover list. }}}

easy diy galvanized easter eggs

Easy DIY Galvanized Easter Eggs

It's almost Easter! It's coming early this year but don't worry... this project won't take long at all. Plus everyone will be amazed at these unique Easter eggs! Sign up for one of our email lists to get all our future projects sent directly to your inbox!

mystery thrift store makeover what is this

Mystery Thrift Store Makeover... What is This?

I found this interesting box at a garage sale for $1.00. I'm not sure what it was used for. The two glass dishes inside were removable but they didn't have lids. Let me know if you know what this was originally used for! Anyway... I bought it and did a little mini makeover on it to try out a distressed black paint finish. Get all our upcycle projects sent straight to your inbox PLUS printable copies of “25 Things You Should ALWAYS Buy at Thrift Stores” AND “Top Ten Thrift Store Tips” when you sign up for our thrift store makeover list.

glitter shamrock garland for st patrick s day

Glitter Shamrock Garland for St. Patrick's Day

I love decorating for EVERY holiday. Even the smaller ones like St. Patrick's Day. This glitter shamrock garland came about a couple of years ago when I found out that JoAnn Fabric was going to be a sponsor for SnapConf 2015. I was so excited because JoAnn is one of my favorite places to shop. (And, BTW, was also one of my first employers WAY back in my college days.) I had a couple of free hours so I went there to just walk up and down the aisles for inspiration. That’s when the glitter on these shamrocks caught my eye. See all my upcycled St. Patrick's Day ideas on our website.

felt valentines in tiny red and pink frames

Felt Valentines in Tiny Red and Pink Frames

As usual, I buy something and it sits on my desk for months (or years) until I'm inspired. I found these cute little red and pink frames in the Michael's dollar area last year. I pulled them out along with all my other pink and red supplies to make something for Valentine's Day. Sign up to get ALL my Thrift Store Makeovers sent directly to your inbox!For this project I used the mini frames, scrapbook paper scraps, felt, pages from an old dictionary that was falling apart, and vintage buttons. I also used my good paper scissors and my favorite glue gun.

biggest thrift store jewelry cabinet makeover yet

Biggest Thrift Store Jewelry Cabinet Makeover Yet!

Y'all know I love searching for old jewelry cabinets at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, and antique shops. And I buy a lot! Some of them need a little more than just painting. I found this large jewelry cabinet in a local thrift store a couple of summers ago. It’s the biggest one I’ve ever found! It had a few problems but really just needed a little TLC. {{{ Sign up for my thrift store makeover email list and get ALL my jewelry cabinet makeovers sent straight to your inbox! }}} Here's what it looked like BEFORE I did any work on it.

red jewelry cabinet a thrift store makeover

Red Jewelry Cabinet - a Thrift Store Makeover

Here's what this old jewelry cabinet looked like when I found it at Goodwill... not the prettiest in the world, but in good condition. Sign up to get all our thrift store makeovers sent straight to your email inbox!

upcycled farmhouse style christmas bell ornament

Upcycled Farmhouse Style Christmas Bell Ornament

I love finding things at my local thrift store to upcycle into Christmas decorations. Last year I found an old bell ornament that wasn't quite my style so I turned it into a farmhouse style Christmas ornament. Have all my thrift store makeovers sent straight to your inbox by signing up on my email list.

how to stencil nativity ornaments for christmas

How to Stencil Nativity Ornaments for Christmas

What would you do with a stack of wood like this? I bought all these back on my last trip to Antique Alley, in Texas, with no idea what to use them for. But our friendly neighbor was telling me that he went to Hobby Lobby with his wife and saw they were selling pieces of wood. So he came home and cut up all the scrap wood he had. Then they brought it to Antique Alley and sold them for 10c – 25c each! I didn't know what I'd do with them at that time but they were a great deal so I hauled them home in my suitcase. A few months later I decided to turn them into nativity ornaments for Christmas.Sign up for our free 12 Days of Vintage, Upcycled, Recycled, and Repurposed Christmas series HERE.

how to spray paint light fixtures

How to Spray Paint Light Fixtures

Anyone have any ugly old light fixtures like this in your bathroom? We lived with this one as long as I could take it. But we had a very tight budget when we updated our powder room so I decided to spray paint this light fixture.Sign up for my email list and get all our super easy DIY home projects sent straight to your inbox!

Ann @ Duct Tape and Denim
Ann @ Duct Tape and Denim