How can I revamp outdoor deer lawn ornaments?

What can you do to the lighted deer Christmas lawn ornaments when the lights no longer work? I have four of them now and am ready to dump them in the trash.

How do I clean oak kitchen cabinets without removing the finish?

They are oak and some are really bad where I can peel off grime with my fingernail. What is best for removing this grime without harming the finish on cabinets?

How do I paint over wallpaper?

Do I need to fill in the seams so they don't show? I've tried to remove the paper. Bad mistake as the sheet rock came off with it.

How can I cover the inset of my oak cabinets?

I have oak cabinets and doors now with frame around an inset (some of which have cracked). What can I use to cover the inset but keep the oak frame? I would rather... See more

How to redo bathroom walls.?

I want to bead board the bottom half and leave upper half papered. Would the paintable wallpaper work for this? How would it hold up? I'm not too hep on going... See more

Eliminating spiders-What is a good product to use outdoors?

What is a good product to use outdoors, home made or purchased, to keep spiders off of the house?

How to remove ring around toilet?

I made to mistake of using Polident in the toilet bowl and it left a permanent ring. I've tried everything to remove it - even a pumice scouring stick to no avail. ... See more

Paint Color

What is the best color to use when stenciling design on black TV stand doors?

What color to paint entry door to garage.

I'd like to paint the entry door to my garage a different color than the trim. We have a beige, stainless steel siding with brown trim. The door is brown and is... See more