favorite furniture makeover painting upholstery the awesome way, painted furniture, AFTER is updated awesome

Favorite Furniture Makeover: Painting Upholstery the Awesome Way

Say that fast 5 times...no really, I'm just so excited to let you see how I updated this awesome chair a client friend scored at an estate sale recently.
Because if you've ever had a piece of old upholstered furniture that could use a fabulous makeover, do I have Happy News for you!

what do you like to use when you paint furniture, chalk paint, painted furniture, Start by pouring in your paint of choice into a container I like to use the plastic ones with lids

The Secret Paint Recipe every DIYer needs

Folks always ask me, "What do you like to use when you paint furniture?" So, let me fill you in. I have a thing for making my own paint; Paris paint that is.
Alright, I'm not reinventing the wheel here. Chalk-y paint took the DIY world by storm a few years back and I've used what I like to call my "Paris paint" since before that. I absolutely L-O-V-E using it and I think some form or another should be in every DIY'ers arsenal of tricks.
Here's my not-so-scientific recipe.

give your pantry a pop of pretty in one hour or less, cleaning tips, closet, Get Organized and Makeover your Pantry in One Hour or Less

Kitchen Storage: How to get a Pop of Pretty in your Pantry

Cleaning out the pantry can seem like a daunting taste. Don't let it be! We're sharing the 411 on how to give your pantry a pretty makeover and increase your kitchen storage in this One-Hour-Or-Less DIY. Our Pantry Makeover Tips and DIY Storage will help you and have you loving you pantry again stat.

tried true bathroom ideas that work fast, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, home decor

Tried & True Bathroom Ideas That Work...fast!

Looking to tidy up your bathroom? Fast?!
I'm sharing my tried and true, super Easy Ways to Organize your Bathroom in 5 Minutes flat! Read more at Fresh Idea Studio

make a easy and versatile terrarium in no time flat, crafts, gardening, succulents, terrarium

Make a Easy and Versatile Terrarium in No Time Flat

Looking for a super easy way to add interest to a stylish window? in less than 30 minutes?! Wanting a little more greenery your home? Learn to
incorporate succulents {real or artificial} using this How to make: a DIY hanging terrariums tutorial. Jump start your spruce-ups before Summer.

hand scraped hardwood is it the right flooring choice for you, flooring, hardwood floors, darker wide plank floors this time around

Hand-scraped Hardwood - Is It the Right Flooring Choice, for You?

When you're looking to put in new hardwood floors or refinish the ones you already have...One must to be decisive; that's the cold hard truth.
With so many types, sizes, color choices and finishes in hardwood flooring today, it can be a tough decision. Learn how it was the easiest choice we made and how we decided to go with something completely different this time around. And more importantly, WHY Hand-scrapped Hardwood was right choice for our busy family's home and may be a good fit for your house too.

getorganized declutter your foyer fast cheap, foyer, home decor, organizing, Have a couple of old shoe boxes with lids laying around Wrap those babies with a fun wrapping paper and protect with clear contact paper to create a

DeClutter Your Foyer, Fast & Cheap

It's really happening! We're getting an organized home with projects that take One-Hour-Or-Less! Today's assignment is to create a functional, streamlined space right inside the front door. See how a couple of shoes boxes, a basket or two and other things you already have in your house can make all the difference when cutting the clutter.
This easy DIY project is practically free and took less than 30 minutes to complete. Come see!

how to add a touch of glam with metallic paint, home decor, living room ideas, painted furniture

How to Add a Touch of Glam with Metallic Paint

I heart shiny things! And, that goes for furniture too! Add a touch of shimmer to anything and you’ll hear my heart skip a beat! Sharing my DIY tips for a shiny glamorous metallic patina I hope with inspire you to go a little glam with your next paint project.Read more at http://freshideastudio.com/diy-tips-for-a-shiny-glamorous-metallic-patina/

do you know what s lurking under your kitchen sink right now, cleaning tips, kitchen design, Start your timer because we re doing a fast furious re haul of one of the most important areas in your kitchen under the sink

Do You Know What's Lurking Under Your Kitchen Sink Right Now?

Who really wants to spend more time than that under the sink anyway, right? Start your timer and Get Organized with the tricks I've learned to cutting the clutter in this critical ;) yet hardly respected area we all have under our Kitchen Sink. We'll not only get it organized in this 15 Minute Project but I'll let you in on the 4 Must Haves to keeping it it that way too.
Join me on the blog for this Project Organize 2014: Assignment #3 A Fast Re-haul under the Kitchen Sink

free printable planner project organize 2014, crafts, organizing, GetOrganized in 2014 with Fresh Idea Studio s Free 27 page Printable Planner

Free Printable Planner: PROJECT ORGANIZE 2014

Take the Challenge and with Fresh Idea Studio! With 4 weeks & 16 DIY projects you can do in One-Hour-or-Less you'll be set to take on all of 2014! Starting with today's assignment: Organize your Calendar. Use our 27-page Free Printable Planner to get organized and stay that way!

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