frame make over

Frame Make Over

I picked up this frame at a junk store for $7.00. I wanted to make something different for my room I just gave a make over to. I like rustic and natural.

make a sign using a homemade stencil

Make a Sign Using a Homemade Stencil

I love to make signs, but can not afford all the diffeent stencils and some of them are just not what I am wanting to use.

bed room make over wall art

Bed Room Make Over - Wall Art

I have been givin my small bedroom a make over. Here is a wall with nothing on it. I could hang a picture or one of my many wood projects. But i have always wanted to do some kind of wall art. So i decided to do some kind of tree with flowers.

bed room make over continued rustic headboard

Bed Room Make Over Continued Rustic Headboard

I am still working on my bedroom. I had 2 night stands that I refinished. I wanted a headboard to match.

bed room make over

Bed Room Make Over

Every year I make over a room in my home. This year it was my bedroom. Living in a 900 square foot house it's a big challenge.

mason jar fine china holders

Mason Jar Fine China Holders.

I kept all my plastic utensils in a basket. The guys were always grabbing a spoon when they needed a fork. So I decided I needed holders for my plastic utensiles.

aluminum beer bottle wind chime

Aluminum Beer Bottle Wind Chime

I made this for my grilling shed.

light bulb challenge

Lighting Upgrade - With Sharpies!

This was a challenge. ......... it took me forever to think of something. I knew I had a freshly painted chandelier and a few light bulbs. This is what I came up with.....

drift wood

Drift Wood

I have many drift wood items in my yard and home. Sometime you can just use your imagination to decorate around your house. No hammer, nails, painting or sanding required. Here are a few different drift wood items around my house.

just a little paint

Just a Little Paint

I gave a plant stand a quick makeover with a little spray paint. Now it looks great and I use it as a charging station!