shutter frame mirror

Shutter Frame Mirror

When my neighbor brought over a couple of old shutters that used to hang on her parents home I immediately made two projects, a magazine rack and a lamp.

vintage shutter magazine rack

Vintage Shutter Magazine Rack

This shutter comes to me from my good friend and neighbor Anita who is sadly moving. She had a couple shutters and 2 old cabinet doors displayed on her walls for years but her new house is lacking in wall space. She thought maybe I could put them to good use. Gladly.But now I find out that the shutters were taken off her family home years ago…they have sentimental value and they have a cool aged patina. I can’t keep her family heirloom but I could repurpose it and give it to her oldest son who just happens to be getting married. And just in case they don’t like heirlooms or shabby chic, I’m giving cash too :).

vintage window and thrift store legs side table

Vintage Window and Thrift Store Legs Side Table

If you love taking bits and pieces of old salvage and putting them together to make something totally new, I have the perfect fun project for you.

super easy fix for a patio umbrella cord

Super Easy Fix for a Patio Umbrella Cord

If you follow my blog you will know that I am all about upcycling, repurposing and recycling. If I can prevent an item from finding it's way into the landfill, I'm going to do it.So now, it's summertime, it's hot, I need shade and my patio umbrella just sits there sad and droopy. The umbrella is only about a year old, I've only used it a dozen or so times and the rope has already frayed and broken.The umbrella is in perfect shape, I just can't raise it.

upcycled hand cart coffee table version ii

Upcycled Hand Cart Coffee Table Version II

Today I have one more hand truck, hand cart, dolly (whatever you want to call it) upcycle for you. I love upcycling flea market finds into coffee tables and this is my second dolly to coffee table transformation.

marvelous maple mirror makeover

Marvelous Maple Mirror Makeover

Do you have an old mirror that just doesn't go with your current decor? Don't throw it away, give it a makeover.

shutter cabinet made from scratch

Shutter Cabinet Made From Scratch

Sometimes I decide to do a project based on a need and sometimes I get inspired to do a project when I have an abundance of an item. Usually it’s a pile of pallet wood that gives me that creative spark but lately my inspiration has been a stack of shutters that I picked up from a local salvage yard.Most of the shutters are odd sizes, wider or shorter than the average window. It would be hard to find a house that these would fit on, but for DIY projects they are perfect.

easy built in cabinet

Easy Built in Cabinet

We’ve lived in our current house 25 years and this is still the original builder grade oak cabinet complete with laminate countertop. We stained the cabinets and we got new countertops in the rest of the kitchen years ago but the plan was always to replace this desk with something else.

pottery barn knockoff clock plates

Pottery Barn Knockoff Clock Plates

In honor of daylight savings time this weekend, I’m bringing you a set of DIY clock plates. I’m pretty sure I’ve never decorated for daylight savings time, but there is always a first. (Of course you could also use these any time of year)My inspiration comes from Pottery Barn who sold sets of clock plates back in 2010. I couldn’t find any for sale at the normal online auction sites or anywhere online so I’m going to make my own.

pallet wood folk art rabbit

Pallet Wood Folk Art Rabbit

This is a photo of a running rabbit offered by the Busacca Gallery. It supposedly dates from the early 19th or 20th century (though that's kind of a wide range). "This piece was obviously done by a carver with considerable skill, but nevertheless, retains a naive quality. This is a honey of a piece." That was their words, not mine. It sold for $250.