boy s hat rack

Boy's Hat Rack

In an attempt at organization in our ten year old son's room, I realized that a good start would be a hat rack. Not only has he recently discovered a love of baseball caps (even though he doesn't play baseball lol) he also needed a place to hang his karate belts. So that's what inspired the theme for this very simple project.

a window in time

A Window in Time

Those of you who follow me, may have noticed that I have slight obsession with antique windows. I love to repurpose them in different ways and display them. Since I have run out of room in my own home, now I gift them to family and friends who have admired the ones that I have at home😁My latest project is one that is dear to my heart on several levels, as it will be a gift to my beloved aunt but it will also be displaying quilt squares made by my great grandmother. The quilt was so old and deteriorating when this same aunt gifted it to me last year, that all I could do with it was preserve it in my cedar chest. Well no more!

never one to waste paper

Never One to Waste Paper

I hate to waste, well anything. When my husband got a package in the mail the other day it was filled with brown packing paper in really long nine or ten inch wide strips. I scooped those up hot quick and in a hurry! In the back of my mind I vaguely recalled seeing braided paper on an Amazon box. Never one to exactly copy anything (said the queen of the Pinterest fails) I am going to do something a little different.

fun with texture paste

Fun With Texture Paste

Hello again friends. I haven't posted in a while due to various reasons but the crafting bug bit me, partially because of the wonderful things hometalk has sent us, and I just had to try to do something.

concrete fire bowl

Concrete Fire Bowl

I've been looking at DIY fire pits and fire bowls for some time now because the store bought one we have is on it's last legs and requires wood which is not always easily acquired. So when super hubby bought a large bag of concrete for another project and didn't use all of it, I literally pounced on the remaines!

who doesn t love mickey mouse

Who Doesn't Love Mickey Mouse?

My adorable grandson just turned two in December and is in love with Mickey Mouse. So, of course, Nana indulges his obsession. For his birthday, we redecorated his entire bedroom with Mickey inspired bed, chest, toy box, you get the picture. I couldn't find a lamp or nightlight that we liked though, so....I thought I'd just make one 😊

i love windows

I Love Windows!

I love recycling antique windows ! This was supposed to be for the week's challenge but due to circumstances beyond my control I control, I couldn't post before now.

highlighting childhood memories

Highlighting Childhood Memories

The weekly challenge is to "light it up" and I wanted to try out something I haven't done yet. These little fairy lights are so popular that it was kind of hard to find some locally. I actually stumbled upon some accidentally and this is what I came up with for my coffee table. I collected a bunch of pine cones from the park where I take walks and soaked them in a cup of bleach and enough water to cover them in the bucket. I left them in that overnight

paper and cardboard lantern

Paper and Cardboard Lantern

Okay our challenge this week is a cardboard creation. I was inspired by a lantern I saw on Etsy and wanted to try out something like it but a little different. Perhaps I should have downloaded the pdf but then I always feel like I'm cheating and it's not really my creation. So I post my own, however flawed, and you guys get to laugh along with me 😁

cutesy tootsie

Cutesy Tootsie

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a kitchen gadget , it is cute as button and useful . When I first spotted one at my mother's house , I thought , "I have to have to have one ! That's adorable ! " So I set out to make one . I know how to sew a simple straight stitch so I thought , this will be a great way to spend a few minutes of my day . I'm an idiot , I can see that now . Did I mention that I don't own a sewing machine lol.It matters not. I am stubborn . Three hours , three broken needles and few bloody fingertips later , I finished .

C. D. Scallan
C. D. Scallan