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MIrror Backsplash

With both money and patience very quickly running out with this home reno - I decided to go with a mirror I had on hand for a backsplash -
Will I be cleaning it constantly - most definitely - but it looks better than nothing - until
I get up proper subway tiles :)

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A Day in the Life of a Furniture Painter

First we source it - then we negotiate a fair price for it - then we drive great distances through heavy traffic to pick it up - we then load very heavy pieces - drive through heavy traffic to get it back home - and UNLOAD the very heavy pieces -
We sanitize it - sand if if necessary - repair broken drawers - fill chipped veneer - or worse replace veneer completely -
We paint it - we stencil or place graphics or glaze and antique it - and then we finish it with and if we use waxes just know that that in and of itself is worth every single penny we charge for the completed piece - ( I HATE waxing )

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Antique China Cabinet to Linen Chest

This one needed a lot of love - but she blossomed and came into her true colors as soon as started on her!
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Old White - and Paris Grey

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DIY Faux Fireplace (for Dummies!)

Good morning everyone! We have tons of scrap lumber (and fence planks) from renovations in our home and I decided to put some of them to good use. I always wanted a fireplace in my bedroom but never had the space that a real one would take up - so I did the next best thing - I created a " faux " one - made to measure ( it hardly takes up any space at all in depth ) and now have another mantel to decorate. This has a skill level for a 10 year old basically - anyone can do it!

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Painted Upholstery!

When I first saw these chairs ( two of them ) on Craigslist, I knew I wanted them. They were 50.00 a piece which is a steal for Bergere Chairs - and almost impossible to find as a set nowadays! They were in perfect condition structurally - but the fabric was original and extremely dated (ugly ugly ugly).
I was quoted 400.00 a chair to reupholster them - which wasn't happening (we're in the midst of renovations so I just can't justify that expense - not to mention I was blasted from here to eternity for even purchasing them LOL.)

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DIY (Super Easy) Metal Leaves

It's becoming somewhat of an obsession with me ( although a good obsession to have unlike many of my others ) that I find a way to recycle almost everything. I'm on a quest to throw out less and less all the time.These little tins that tea lights come in were a particular pet peeve of mine - soooo many have been tossed in the recycling bin every year ( especially in the summer when I light the garden with them - for parties sometimes 100 at a time ) I once saw someone create artwork out of them - and decided I would jump on the bandwagon. This photo shows the steps. The easiest craft I've ever attempted ( and I am NOT a crafty person lol )

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Headboard Behaving Badly ( a Makeover )

Sometimes a makeover turns into a makeover of a makeover !!!
I don't know what compelled me to do the first one - but I think it ended up ok
in the end lol

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I PAINT Furniture

Lately for some reason I've been seeing people get upset about wood furniture being painted -( especially on Hometalk to be honest with you )There's a lot of beautiful wood furniture out there - I know that - some pieces leave me drooling at times ( not often because I truly love painted pieces ) so I kind of - sort of- get it - that it troubles some people to see a perfectly fine piece of antique or vintage furniture covered up ( and in their minds " destroyed " ) with paint.I GET IT - and so I never go to someone's site and say - YOU SHOULD PAINT THAT -And to those people - I say - NEVER paint a piece of furniture - it's obviously not for you - and you can, after all, do whatever you like with a piece that you own.But, there are, many many people out there that are very close to getting rid of a piece just because they're sick of looking at it - or because they've inherited it and don't like it very much - or they want to hold on to a piece for sentimental reasons but want it updated to fit the decor in their home because it just doesn't " belong " and then there are those that are thinking of the environment and don't want to put a piece in a landfill.These are the people I paint furniture for.
Post continues on my blog.................

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DIY Garden Light!

I'm not sure what the ugliest part of this fixer upper was when we bought it. Could have been the dark panelling that graced every wall and ceiling, or the kitchen that had 3 different counter heights all attached to each other, or the bathrooms that were almost paneled-but one of the main things was the lighting. Holy cow - U.G.L.Y.
This weekend we got around to changing the one in the den and as soon as it came down I knew I was going to repurpose it to use outside. My original plan was to turn it upside down and use it for candles but as I was putting it away (as a future project) I noticed my blue mason jars, and they practically put THEMSELVES on the fixture LOL.

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Painting a Fireplace

I love stone fireplaces - except for the Darth Vadar one we inherited when buying this place - it was U.G.L.Y.
So I painted it!!!

Simply Vintageous...by Suzan
Simply Vintageous...by Suzan
About meI restore and paint vintage and antique furniture - love the entire process - from the hunt to the sale!!!