this tip is hands down best ever for stains spots on almost anything


This is the easiest most efficient and cheapest way to remove spots, stains, blood from carpet or most material, (chair cushions mattresses, pillows,’ll see). When we moved into our new home, it had white carpet. I was not happy to know that with my family and dog it wouldn’t be white long...Having a very active family and an English bulldog who has eye drool that is a pinkish color and had stained most everything she laid on. I was cleaning with my magic eraser and noticed that there was a spot on the carpet so I used the wet eraser and wiped it up. I was completely surprised when it took out the stain and the stain stayed gone. So being curious, I decided to get a new eraser and try it on some dark spots...IT WORKED! Not only does it take it away, there are no rains or residue left behind.

best looking dewey decimal system ever, chalk paint, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Best Looking Dewey Decimal System Ever!

Hubby grabbed this index catalog cabinet at the local flea for $60.09! I was a little taken back...the veneer was peeling and a lot of wear. (Sorry no before pics...). But I cam home and he had already replaced veneer and filled in spots and had made his own yellow chalk paint from an oops can from Home Depot! It was bright to say the least! I got to work with AS clear and dark wax and the transformation was better than I had imagined! I loved it! I kept the hardware plain because I wasn't sure what or how to change the metal...but here is finished piece with some during the process.

my halloween porch vignette with my 1 00 doll, halloween decorations, seasonal holiday d cor

My Halloween porch vignette with my $1.00 doll!

I love my $1.00 old doll. Could not pass her up for that price right? She sits in my living room on a Quaker chair and scares some. Lol! Since we are renting for a bit I'm not decorating inside but my front porch is seen by many and I love showing off my junk and such!

does anyone know what to do with broken insulator glass, repurposing upcycling, Such a waste of something that had endured many elements and traveling

Does anyone know what to do with broken insulator glass?

Anyone know what I can do with all this beautiful glass? Such a waste! I thought these on eBay and this is how they came the man didn't even use any sort of wrapping other than three pieces of newspaper for 17 insulators!!!!

up cycled and fun lighting, lighting, repurposing upcycling, He s so cute

Up cycled and fun lighting!

I love insulators as previous posts have mentioned. While searching the web and Pinterest for ideas, we found this little guy!
I swear my husband can do anything he puts his mind to! I love that we can charge our phones and iPads on him! He started with the insulator lamp and is now on his third robot. All are different and are for sale now and at my holiday boutique next month!

stuff to do with modge podge and old bottles and watering can, crafts, decoupage, repurposing upcycling

Stuff to Do With Modge Podge and Old Bottles and Watering Can

I should have done a step-by-step but I think it's easy enough. Find any old or new bottle with labels removed.

just in time for valentines day a cozy couch and rare red pottery ar, crafts, home decor, mason jars, painted furniture, seasonal holiday decor, valentines day ideas, Look at how beautiful my 40 00 sofa is

Just in time for Valentines Day! A cozy couch and Rare red pottery Ar

I am still fluttering about my find yesterday at the Salvation Army! It was 50% off weekend and I happened to be close. My dear friend actually has the dream job of their in house appraiser! (He offered me the opportunity to assist him but it's just a little too far for's probably best I didn't take the job if you know what I mean...). Anywhooooo...I definitely scored
First thing I found was a gorgeous Ethan Allen sofa marked down from $160.00 to $80.00 on a bright markdown sticker. I thought that there would be no way that this would be another 50% off...and it was! $40.00 for a slipcover Ethan Allen sofa!!! There is not one hair (yet) or spots anywhere!
Next, I walked to the dishes and such where these shiny beauty's were screaming at me to grab them quick! OMG OMG OMG. Solid red pottery!?!?! I had 2 pieces that were broken in the 94 quake and have rarely spotted in the years since.

bragging about my flea market finds all this and 2 more boxes 14 00, Look at the lamps underneath

Bragging About My Flea Market Finds. All This and 2 More Boxes $14.00!

there is a man who is a regular at my local Sunday open market. I dug and dug and before I knew it, my hubby was digging. I had my pile and he had his...$7.00 each! The vintage lamps alone, are priceless. If anyone knows who made these, I've seen pics but no maker. Oh and look at the old Avon bottles! I figure everything cost approx 35 cents each!

Julie Moyna
Julie Moyna
About meI have been rescuing junk and pottery since about 14 years old. Going to garage sales my whole life and now it's time to part with some of my finds. I love all of the DYI networking hints and tips from here and a few blogs that I have stumbled on.