easy trick for displaying mums

Easy Trick for Displaying Mums

Ever planted mums in your front porch pots then thought they looked a little drab? Here's an easy trick to help them go from boring to beautiful!

sweet decoupaged crate

Sweet Decoupaged Crate

Often the sweetest crafts are also the simplest ones. Despite all the newfangled tools on the market, I never cease to be amazed at the transformative power of Mod Podge. Think I’m kidding? Just take a look at this sweet decoupaged crate that took me less than $10 and one hour to make.

stenciled drop cloth tablecloth

Stenciled Drop Cloth Tablecloth

They say necessity is the mother of invention. And I have a rockin’ drop cloth tablecloth to prove it. A few weeks ago, I hosted an informal alfresco dinner. My cozy courtyard was the perfect sitting for an intimate evening with friends, and I had all the essentials – good food, great wine, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and whimsical dotted napkins. With one exception. I didn’t have a suitable table covering. So I made one from a canvas drop cloth - for less than $15!

alfresco tablescape with sherbet colors

Alfresco Tablescape With Sherbet Colors

Summer is the time for being outdoors. Walking outdoors, playing outdoors, and eating outdoors. So I’m excited to share this alfresco tablescape. I haven’t yet planned my menu, other than ice cream, that is. For some reason I’ve been craving frozen scoops of the good stuff. In fact, I decided to use a sherbet color palette for my table. Raspberry pink, creamsicle orange, and pastel mint.

macrame belt for beginners

Macrame Belt for Beginners

Not only is this tutorial easy and perfect for the beginner macrame artist, it will add an adorable bohemian touch to your wardrobe. It uses only one type of macrame knot, the Square Knot.

recycled pop top bracelet

Recycled Pop Top Bracelet

Recycling soda can tops into a bracelet may sound like a grade school art project, but surprisingly, the finished work is a funky, industrial fashion accessory as well as a great conversation piece!

bastille day celebration

Bastille Day Celebration

Let’s raise our glasses to our friends across the Atlantic, shall we? Besides, without the French, we may not have won our independence from England. Without the French, the Statue of Liberty would not reside in the New York Harbor. And without the French, we would all be serving Boone’s Farm Wild Irish Rose with dinner.

metallic wallpapered accent wall

Metallic Wallpapered Accent Wall

Wallpaper is one of those trends that comes and goes. Each time it does resurface, though, it has a fresh look. Currently, the new face of wallpaper is metallic. And let me tell you – that stuff is not easy to hang. Try pasting aluminum foil to your wall and expect no crinkles or wrinkles to show. Almost impossible. Almost. But heed the lessons I just learned when wallpapering a bar accent wall in my husband’s rec room, and you just might accomplish it. And the end result is totally worth the effort.

my french country garden phase 1

My French Country Garden - Phase 1

There’s something about digging in dirt that seeps into one’s soul. Into mine, at least. Although, when I was young I hated being forced to pull weeds from my father’s garden after dinner on summer nights. The days were sultry and long, yet we were still expected to offer our services until night began to fall. At the time I resented it, but as I’ve grown older the contribution our grade school hands made to the family table now seem somehow noble. Butter beans, lettuce, radishes. Mostly I remember the dark sooty soil. Almost like an organic dye that stained our hands and bare feet obsidian. I remember our bath water later that night, as it turned umber and cloudy, washing garden traces from our arms and legs. And I remember crawling between clean sheets with a feeling of exhaustion and pride. Today I began the first phase of transforming my little urban patio into a french country garden. I’m more careful now; I wear gloves and a wide-brimmed hat. But the dirt still speaks to me. I tackled a corner of my yard that enjoys shade most of the day. All my favorite plants grow in shade: hostas, ferns, and playful pink caladiums. I kept it simple. Dug the holes, and placed the plants into the earth. Later I’ll mulch. But for today, I’m going to grab myself a glass of iced tea, admire my work, and remember being young.how it all went downAfter moving into our new home, I observed that one corner of our courtyard remained shady most of the day. A perfect spot for all my favorite shade-loving plants!

spring half wreath

Spring Half Wreath

Trendy half-wreaths are seriously the cutest things since pom pom rugs. I just love them. And the fact that one of these simple wreaths can be made in under 15 minutes makes me love them even more.

Wendy at myfrenchtwist.com
Wendy at myfrenchtwist.com
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