corn acorn swag

Corn & Acorn Swag

A sweet swag made with Indian corn and real acorns... and a power drill! Perfect Fall decor!

easy trick for displaying mums

Easy Trick for Displaying Mums

Ever planted mums in your front porch pots then thought they looked a little drab? Here's an easy...

sweet decoupaged crate

Sweet Decoupaged Crate

Often the sweetest crafts are also the simplest ones. Despite all the newfangled tools on the...

stenciled drop cloth tablecloth

Stenciled Drop Cloth Tablecloth

They say necessity is the mother of invention. And I have a rockin’ drop cloth tablecloth to prove...

alfresco tablescape with sherbet colors

Alfresco Tablescape With Sherbet Colors

Summer is the time for being outdoors. Walking outdoors, playing outdoors, and eating outdoors. So...

macrame belt for beginners

Macrame Belt for Beginners

Not only is this tutorial easy and perfect for the beginner macrame artist, it will add an adorable...

recycled pop top bracelet

Recycled Pop Top Bracelet

Recycling soda can tops into a bracelet may sound like a grade school art project, but...

bastille day celebration

Bastille Day Celebration

Let’s raise our glasses to our friends across the Atlantic, shall we? Besides, without the French,...

metallic wallpapered accent wall

Metallic Wallpapered Accent Wall

Wallpaper is one of those trends that comes and goes. Each time it does resurface, though, it has a...

my french country garden phase 1

My French Country Garden - Phase 1

There’s something about digging in dirt that seeps into one’s soul. Into mine, at least. Although,...

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