How can I enclose this shower?

We bought our house about 16 months ago. This is my master bath shower. There used to be a shower door because I can see where the mounting holes have been filled... See more
q shower curtain or shower door

How can I redo my small bathroom?

I have a small bathroom ... 9feet by 9 feet ... can you suggest a way to fit both a bathtub and separate shower stall?

How do I build a bed?

I need the instructions on how to build a bed in USI?

How do I keep my recliner from moving on the carpet?

Does anyone have a way to keep recliners from “traveling “ on the carpet?

How would you redo this staircase with iron to make less contemporary?

The staircase and area at the tope of the stairs is now sheetrock on the sides with white pipe handrails above that. The stairs are to the right of the first picture... See more
q how would you redo this staircase with iron to make it less contempory

How do I make a broken clock into a mirror?

Make a not working clock into a mirror

How do I find the perfect wall decoration?

I have a budding tradition with my sister. Every year for her birthday and Christmas I buy the weirdest, most outlandish home decor possible. The last couple have... See more

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