What to do with Fall mums?

If I plant fall mums in the ground and “bed” them down after they bloom will the grow back next season?

How to cover Torginol?

My home is the one I grew up in. My dad redid the bathroom and kitchen floor with a “new” product Torginol. The bath is done with flakes of blues white and gold (ugh Mom). It actually covers 2/3rd the bathroom walls and shower walls. The kitchen is the typical white, beige, tan and gold. It has a “dimpled” texture to boot. Is there a product that will stick and allow me to paint /cover it.

Exterior oil based paint removal

What’s the best way to remove the paint once it startes to show signs of “alligator“ crazin.

Best way to remove stain from wood?

I had a large post it note (hot pink) sitting on a coffee table. Hubby set a plastic cup with ice & soda on it. It soaked the paper and now I have a large hot pink stain on on my tabor. How do I remove it.
q remove stain from wood