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Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

After painting my master bathroom cabinets during our reno of that room I recieved the go ahead from my husband to paint the kitchen! I seriously hate this hate the honey oak contractor special cabinets that are found in all 3 bathrooms and my kitchen!

small master bathroom makeover, bathroom, remodeling

Small Master Bathroom Makeover

This was our so called Master Bathroom. Everything about it screamed contractors special! From the cheap linoleum tile, builder grade particle board honey oak colored cabinets, to the 9" deep cheap fiberglass tub/shower insert. Our first project this spring was to finally turn it into a bathroom worthy of being called "Master". I would like to kindly remind people that doing a project like this on you own saves a lot of money but is alot of work. Im sure that there are things we could have done to improve it even more but we love how it turned out on our budget. Some people may not like certain things we did because we cant all have the same tastes. please keep your negative comments to yourselves. Also when I took the pictures of the new bathroom we hadnt added the quarter round trim yet. But we have since. Please read my comments below each picture before asking questions I explained the process as best i could.

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Indoor Fairy Garden Upgrade

In March of last year my fellow gardening fanatic Aunt called me up to tell me about a garden center hosting a make your own indoor fairy garden event. My daughter and I started our fairy garden outside around 5 years ago and making one to have indoors was a no brainer. Besides it was March in Michigan and had been a very long, freezing winter and we needed to shake our cabin fever and get our green thumb on! Yesterday I really thought our little plants were outgrowing the little pot so it was time to upgrade!

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Home Made Fairie Houses

A $5 plain wooden birdhouse from JoAnns or Micheals, a bunch of twigs and sticks, wood glue, glitter glue, moss, and some shells from the lake made my first fairie houses. I paint the houses first so any gaps or show through spots look nice. I fill the gaps with some magic mortar (glitter glue).

updated fairy garden and decorated for fall, gardening

Updated Fairy Garden and Decorated for Fall.

My daughter and I sure did a lot of new additions to our fairy garden this year. While strolling through the craft shop a couple of weeks before Halloween we found a lot of cute clearance items to decorate the garden for Halloween. Enjoy..

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Antique Dresser Upcycle

I guess I've been pretty greedy lately with my projects. I only share them on my business Facebook page because hey, I have a business now and prefer someone buy my work instead of copy it. ;-) This project needed to be shared though.
My mom kept this dresser that belonged to my great grandmother because no one in the family wanted it and she couldn't bare the thought of my grandmother throwing it curbside. So when I started flipping furniture and other things she offered it to me. It was pretty banged up but the biggest issue were the broken drawer tracks and the fact that it was only a 3 drawer dresser (2 big ones and 1 small). Well 3 drawers just isn't very functional in todays world where we require storage, storage, and more storage and prefer to pack as much stuff as we can into one piece. So I decided to do something more functional and unique with piece.
Forgive me for not having a before pic of the entire dresser. I am forever forgetting to take pics before hand. after removing and painting the drawer fronts we added hooks to make coat/hat racks.

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Welcome Back Fairie Village!

Finally we caught some nice weather here in Michigan. My daughter was home sick yesterday so it gave me an opportunity to clean the gardens and get out the fairies. Big changes this year! Im a little dismayed to not see any lily of the valley poking up yet and it looks like my moss was winter burned. So I planted a few little foliage plants used alot in indoor fairie gardens (or pot ones). Its pretty self explanatory but feel free to ask anything...

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Updated Doggie Troubled Patio Garden

Back in the spring I posted about my patio gardens succumbing to a couple of naughty dogs over the winter. I was distraught that I had to basically start all over again! Before I started though I put up a tall decorative fence to keep the culprits out! Here are my results!

patio garden 2013, gardening, patio

Patio Garden 2013

In late fall 2012 our family adopted a pitbull mix puppy who was so sweet yet full of spunk! Well over the winter months we noticed that when she was taking an extra long time coming back to the door on her potty breaks it was because she was occupying herself by digging, chewing, basically destroying our patio garden that we had just put in that summer.
For me, this wasnt just heartbreaking when spring came (literally cried) it was back breaking. Ive had spinal surgeries that lead to more complications. It takes me a long time to do my gardening now that I need frequent breaks to ease the pain it causes. Of course I love to garden and couldnt let it sit bare. So I went back to work. by early fall it wasnt looking to shabby...