How to get a flagpole to stand out?

We have a flagpole in our yard and are looking for ideas on what we could put around it to make it stand out?

How can I redo my marble table top?

I have an antique marble topped end table and it's stained and cracked. Is there anything I can do to make the top pretty again? I'm not against a total re-do. I was... See more
q re do marble table top

How can I pretty up my backsplash?

I have your basic 5x5 white tile as a backsplash in my kitchen and it's boring. Can I cover it with something? I need color!

How do I remove shower doors ?

Hi, is it possible to remove these shower doors so that I can hang a shower curtain instead? We bought our home from an smoker and the sealant is an awful yellow... See more
q how do i remove shower doors

Any Ideas what I can make out of Louver doors?

I have two sets of louver {sp?} doors. What can I make with them?

How can I make a nightstand from wooden crates?

I need to make two nightstands, and I was thinking about using wooden crates. Any Ideas on how to make them?

Easy DIY King sized headboard

We have a split California king bed that does not need a bed frame. I'd like easy DIY headboard ideas. FYI, I don't sew.

Pocket door ideas needed

I have only picket doors in my home and they're boring. It's there anything I can do to change them up? Can I make a sliding barn style door out of them? If so, how... See more

What's the easiest way to frame a large bathroom mirror?

I don't own a miter box and would like to frame my bathroom mirror. What's the easiest method?

How can I fix a cracked clay pot?

It's almost 12" long and it would be difficult to transplant the plant that's in it.

Kathy Pereira
Kathy Pereira