make your own pebble art frame, crafts

Make Your Own Pebble Art Frame

Pebble art is beautiful, minimal, easy and has impressive results, when is framed and hanged on the wall.
You will need:
1) a frame

how to decorate easily a mirror frame, crafts, Front side

How to Decorate Easily a Mirror Frame

I will need:
- a framed mirror
- an aluminum tape

diy weather station for kids, crafts

DIY Weather Station for Kids

What a funny and creative idea for your kids is to play choosing the everyday weather. You can use for station either a magnetic board or your fridge! To make weather signs you will need simple materials and little time to design and sew it. If the fabric is colored that's great; if not, you can use white fabric and paint it with colorful pens.
what you will need
small pieces of fabric (white or colored, blue and yellow)

diy advent calendar 2016

DIY Advent Calendar 2016

Hello, everyone! Happy December! We have reached winter as the temperature goes down and down. Yesterday we saw the first snow of the year … yeah!!! And, my 5-year-old son and I had a crafty mood. We put our pens, scissors and chocolates on the desk in order to create our Advent Calendar for 2016. It is difficult to give guidelines in a strong-willed kid that believes his way is better but we cooperated well by leaving space and choices, eating some of the chocolates and making folders for more than 24 days!

diy easy string hanging planter, gardening

DIY – Easy String Hanging Planter

This is my first DIY project after a long time. During summer I was impressed by all these beautiful hanging planters that were featured in several photos for living room and balcony decoration. So, I remembered the wooden slices that I had asked my father-in-law to cut during previous Christmas and I thought it would be perfect in order to make my own string hanging planter with the easiest and more affordable way.

5 easy diy ways to organize jewelry, organizing, a hand grater for larger earrings

5 Easy DIY Ways to Organize Jewelry

You don't have to spend money to organize your jewelry.
Simple things that all have to our homes (like clothes hangers, photo frames, hand graters or spirals from old notebook) can be easily transformed to clever organizers.
And if we put them in the right place (near the mirror or our closet), they will help us to find the right accessories or jewelry in a minute.

diy easy wire paper christmas wreath, christmas decorations, crafts, wreaths

DIY Easy Wire Paper Christmas Wreath

This is not an ordinary Christmas wreath with evergreen leaves and impressive decoration. The inspiration came from an image in Pinterest.

diy easy paper christmas trees display, christmas decorations, crafts, how to, seasonal holiday decor

DIY Easy Paper Christmas Trees Display

Hello, everyone!
I hope to find you well! We are one month before Christmas, thirty days are left and I've not started Christmas decorations in our home yet! But, in the little free time I had the previous weekend, I spent it in searching and thinking what handmade Christmas gifts to prepare this year. With Pinterest, there are so many different ways to be inspired and in the end it's difficult to choose what you like most.

creative planters ideas for garden and balcony, curb appeal, flowers, gardening, repurposing upcycling, old wooden wagon in Prespes

Creative Planters Ideas for Garden and Balcony

Although in the middle of fall, we still have sunshine days between cloudy hours and rainy moments. We can still enjoy our gardens dressed up in fall blooming flowers, like chrysanthemums, zinnias, strawflowers. This is a "potpourri" of interesting, creative and unusual planters from gardens I visited lately.

diy easy glass tile mirror frame, crafts, home decor, repurposing upcycling, wall decor

DIY Easy Glass Tile Mirror Frame

Hello, everyone! Hope you are all doing well! My last DIY Sunburst Mirror led me subconsciously to another brilliant project with mirror. This time, I renovate the frame of a tall mirror with a glass mosaic tile.
All started with this photo in Pinterest that I found when I was searching examples of sunburst mirrors. Then, I remembered two glass mosaic tiles we had bought in order to decorate our fireplace, but later we changed our minds and didn't use them. It was the kind of a purchase that you return to your home only to discover your mistake and say: "OK! It's very beautiful but still useless"...

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