How do I keep solar lights upright?

Any ideas to keep lights upright?, the plastic breaks and is not sturdy so they are always falling over.

How do I clean bathroom grout?

Smells like urine , what is best way to clean tile grout?

How to scrape tile clean?

Removed vinyl from tile , there is floor leveler material stuck on, can scrape off with metal scraper, but slow. Want to keep tile , any way to clean up tile... See more

How do you finish peel n stick tile around toilet?

Don't want to remove toilet for new floor, can I just use silicone caulk to finish?

How do you choose a new toilet?

Want to install the easiest brand.

Garden she'd roof leaks..It's a prefab material- any ideas?

Strips of metal for structure. Any ideas for something I could seal the roof with...leaks where screws are. Roof peaks at 8ft.

My solar lives fall over, any ideas for ways to secure them?

The bottom sticks in the ground, then the post, the plastic cracks and they fall over.

New grout color is running, pkg said no sealant. Company sent a sealan

The grout color is still running and the sealant is flaking off. Now what?

Irene Hrnicek
Irene Hrnicek