a thanksgiving sign to enjoy all year

A Thanksgiving Sign To Enjoy All Year

I made this little sign from a cutting board for Thanksgiving but it is really great for all year round. Don’t we all seem to gather in the kitchen? Well, this is the perfect sign to make. And it is so easy to do.

pumpkin coasters from scrap wood

Pumpkin Coasters From Scrap Wood

I can get so inspired when I go to the Dollar Tree. That happened not too long ago when I went there to buy napkins and came home with so many fall themed things to use for crafts. That is just what happened when I saw these little Jack O Lantern pumpkins. I instantly knew they would become the cutest Halloween coasters.

add casual elegance to your fall table

Add Casual Elegance To Your Fall Table

I love to set the dining room table with special touches. To layer the plates and add the crystal and silverware. And to add casual elegance I like to add chargers. You know those large plates that go under the dishware. This project will show you how to get the look.

give a mirror a new look with pine cones

Give A Mirror A New Look With Pine Cones

During a walk one day I picked up some pine cones, knowing I could use them for a craft project. Then a friend gave me this little mirror. I instantly knew I could transform it with the pine cones.

how to display a seashell

How To Display A Seashell

If you have ever taken a beach vacation I expect you collected a lot of seashells. You bring them home and put them up, right? After all, what can you do with them? Well, I have an easy idea to show you how to display a seashell.

how i created an architectural piece

How I Created An Architectural Piece

Not too long ago a friend and I went to our favorite salvage store. They were going out of business so we needed one final trip. Among the treasures I bought is the plinth block, I had to look that one up. Now I could have displayed it as is but felt it did need a bit of work to freshen it up.

how i turned a salvaged piece of wood into a shelf

How I Turned a Salvaged Piece of Wood Into a Shelf

While out thrift store shopping I found a lovely salvaged piece. I bought it with no idea what to do with it. It sat in the garage for a long time and then I decided I had to make it into a shelf.

how to turn a license plate into a welcome sign

How To Turn A License Plate Into A Welcome Sign

I hate to say this about myself but I think I may be a pack rat of sorts. I saved a few license plates with the thought I could make something with them. Well I finally did. I made a sign to welcome guests. That’s right, a welcome sign.

turn a bouncing ball into a decorator sphere

Turn A Bouncing Ball Into A Decorator Sphere

When I bought the patriotic fabric I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I just knew I didn’t want to make a pillow. Then it hit me! I would turn bouncing balls into decorator spheres by wrapping them in the material.

an easy patriotic wreath from an old pair of jeans

An Easy Patriotic Wreath From An Old Pair Of Jeans

I was browsing through the fabric section at Walmart and found the prettiest Sparkly Patriotic fat quarters. I bought 3 that coordinated. But I had no clue what I was going to do with them. All of a sudden it hit me! Why not a Patriotic Wreath, after all, Flag Day is almost here and the 4th of July is around the corner.

Shoppe No. 5
Shoppe No. 5
About meWelcome to Shoppe No. 5 – my dream come true and I’m excited to share all my projects and discoveries with you. You see, I still LOVE to play with wood and cast off furniture. I love its history and the story behind it (even if I don’t know it…there’s still a story). I love the idea of creating a unique piece of furniture or art that won’t cost the shopper a fortune. And believe it or not…I love the hunt for that special piece.