How can I stain a brick fireplace?

The hearth on my fireplace looks dull. I would like to enhance it to match the rest of the fireplace. Can I use a stain or is there a color enhancer available?

Is this a weed or pepper plant?

What kind of plant is this?
q is this a weed or pepper plant

Tip: Cleaning a Black Granite Sink

To clean black granite sink. Clean with very hot water and dawn detergent. Rinse well. Apply a thin layer of mineral oil the kind you find in the grocery store next... See more

Tip: Keep the area under your kitchen sink clean

First clean out the area and let dry. I purchased a caddy for my cleaning supplies and also purchased some inexpensive peel tiles from Lowes. Now my undercabinet... See more

Tip: DIY to save on your electric bill!

I don’t know if you would call this a cleaning tip. But it will save you money and won’t clean out your wallet. And it is two tips in one. It is hot here in Texas. I... See more

Tip: Scratches on White Dishes or Corning Ware

Sometimes white dishes and corning ware or pyrex get little gray scratches. To remove the scratches, wet the dish and sprinkle some bar keepers friend. Let sit a... See more
t scratches on white dishes or corning ware

Tip: How to clean your kitchen sponge

Just put a few drops of dish detergent on it with some water and put in the microwave for 1 minute on high..cleans bacteria better than running through the dish... See more

Tip: How to clean your wood cutting boards

First never put a wood cutting board in the dishwasher. Sprinkle some course kosher salt on the board and rub a cut lemon on it to scrub. Or you can use white... See more

Tip: Getting Out Burnt on Food From a Pot

All you need is a tablespoon or two of cream of tarter, the powder that you find in the spice isle. Same stuff you use for meringue. Fill pot half full of water. Add... See more

Tip: Removing paint from hinges or knobs and handles

Easy peasy- just boil the hinges in a pot for about 30 minutes paint will flake off. Great when painting kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities. Other tips?!

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