gallery wall for beginners

Gallery Wall for Beginners

These tips for creating a gallery wall for beginners are most helpful if you plan to create an asymmetrical gallery wall with different pieces of art or wall decor. I’ll break down exactly how I put together this gallery wall in steps you can follow. I put these tips in the order it makes sense to me, but honestly they’re pretty interchangeable until you get to the end. It doesn’t matter if you choose your art or your layout first, as long as you end up with the right sizes of everything you need. If you’re creating a completely symmetrical gallery wall, the part you’ll want to pay attention to is step 5 to make sure everything is even!

why i donate to goodwill

Why I Donate to Goodwill

Whether you’re starting a minimalism journey, maintaining one or just doing some routine cleaning, donating the things you don’t need anymore can be extremely beneficial for your household, the planet and even your community.I am constantly reevaluating the things I keep in my home and deciding whether they should stay or move on to a new life with someone else. Once a year I try to do a big purge and go through my entire house and get rid of everything that we don’t need anymore. (Check out my 28 day minimalism challenge if this is something you’d like to try too!)

how to organize your closet


Closets are one of the first places in your home to accumulate clutter, so they’re usually the space most of us are constantly trying to organize. An organized closet makes things easier to find and reduces stress. We’ve all given our closet a major overhaul just for it to end up exactly how it was within a few days or weeks. But I have a few tips for how to organize your closet to help you maintain it long term.

28 day minimalism challenge

28 Day Minimalism Challenge

There are a million reasons people choose to pursue minimalism. Whatever your main motivation, most of us believe it will make us happier in the long run. It’s easy to admire the lifestyle from afar, but learning how to be a minimalist takes a little more dedication.

how to decorate your bedroom for better sleep


Thank you iSense Sleep for sponsoring this post about how to decorate your bedroom for better sleep. When I’m busy decorating, sometimes I get caught up in following the latest trends and wanting to add everything I love on Pinterest to my home. While it’s certainly fun and we should all do our fair share of that, it’s also important to think about how your home functions and feels. This has never been more apparent in any room of my home than my bedroom. Of course I want it to be beautiful, but I also want it to carry out it’s main function – provide me with a relaxing place to sleep well. So today I want to share what I’ve learned about how to decorate your bedroom for better sleep.

tips for painting walls best painting tips


Thank you HomeRight for sponsoring this post about the best tips for painting walls. I am so excited to share our updated paint job in our master bedroom with you today! 3 years ago I painted our whole house when we moved in, but I was ready for a refresh in our bedroom. I have been loving the bold wall colors all over Pinterest lately and decided I needed something a little more moody in my own. Since there is such a contrast in the colors we chose, I feel like this room encompassed all the challenges you face when painting walls. So I thought it would be helpful to give you my best painting tips, tips for painting walls specifically.

geometric planter diy


Now that we’ve been teased with a few warm days here and there, I am ready to say goodbye to winter and start styling my back deck for summer. I’ve found that a rug, some cute chairs and trendy planters can transform your outdoors space into a luxury oasis. I’m always on the lookout for planters with fun, modern patterns. But the good news is that some of the best ones are the ones you make yourself, like this modern geometric planter DIY.

how to refinish a mid century credenza


I have been looking for a decent mid century style credenza/media console to use as our TV stand for about two years. I wanted something that would be stylish, but would also hold a decent amount of toys and store them out of sight. When I finally found one that fit my style and budget, it needed a little work. I love a good before and after and still get so many questions about painting furniture, so I thought this would be the perfect time to show you how to refinish a mid century credenza.

modern bathroom inspiration

Modern Bathroom Inspiration

Lately I’ve been working on updating updating our guest bathroom so it’s ready for…ya know…guests. When my sister lived with us before getting married, she had it decorated nicely. When she moved out my husband took over that bathroom and it hasn’t been decorated since. It wasn’t until someone asked to use it a couple weeks ago I realized I hadn’t even stocked it with soap or hand towels, and that is how this bathroom moved to the top of the list. So I’ve been putting together some modern bathroom inspiration to get a bit of a game plan going!

simple and natural modern home spring home tour 2018


This year, I’ve been so ready to mix things up with my spring home decor. I was over Christmas decor before it was even December, and since then we’ve just been in limbo. In true spring cleaning fashion, I’ve been so ready to just clear things out and start with a fresh, clean look. I finally got everything put together and am excited to show you my spring home tour for this year! I’m going with the theme of a simple and natural modern home.

Kala Wiederholt
Kala Wiederholt