a child s bookcase turned into display cabinet for vintage glass, dining room ideas, home decor, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, shabby chic, Until I can get a curio cabinet I think this works nicely fits perfect in our small dining room and didn t cost me a dime

A Child's Bookcase Turned Into Display Cabinet for Vintage Glass.

I was cleaning the basement yesterday because we have a leak!!! Yes, our first home and we have melted snow leaking in to our foundation. Go figure right? However, I figure that it's a sign from the carpet Gods that I can finally rip up the gosh awful blue carpet downstairs and put some nice flooring in. Anyway, as I was cleaning and throwing things away I looked at my girls 2 bookcases that my mom bought my oldest daughter years ago that came with a bedroom set and saw that one was full of books and the other was full of their junk ,and I mean like pieces of paper that were half used, game pieces, and whatever they didn't want to put away they threw in this bookcase. Now, that same day I was cleaning and organizing my little collection of jadeite, cherry and cable glass, and swan dishes and was saying to myself how much I needed a curio cabinet to showcase them, but wait....we need sofas, new carpet, an entire new kitchen, and lets face it....there are about 20 other things I could use that money for right now and then...DING, DING...I'll just put this bookcase upstairs and use it to place my pretties in until I can check some other things off my list and buy that curio cabinet I've dedicated an entire Pinterest board to! This bookcase had marker all over it and I tried cleaning it but it wasn't working so I just decided to shabby chic it just a tad, took the doors off so the cabinet was open, put a little gray stain on the exposed wood pieces, added some pretty knobs and I had myself a cute little cabinet to display my collections in. Is it exactly what I wanted? No! However it works for now and actually fits perfectly in our small dining room and it cost me nothing! Sometimes it can be really fun to shop your own home!! Check out more on the blog...http://quirkycool.blogspot.com/2014/02/a-childs-bookcase-turned-into-display.html

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A Pop of Rock Art

We have this big blank slate in front of our house full of white gravel and nothing else. Today I decided to get to it and create a tree made with repurposed brick from our fireplace and some rocks we have laying under our very large Pine tree. I then went in and painted the rocks and bricks with watered down acrylics. I love how it turned out! It matches the brick of our home and gives the front a pop of color. I can't wait to create another art piece made with rock and brick for the other half of this large white gravel area. I crawled under the pine tree to get these rocks and I'm pretty sure my neighbors thought I was a little fruity. This was not an easy project, it took lots of crawling, sweat, heavy lifting, bending, and shoveling gravel back and forth. However....I love being outside when the weather is warm so I enjoyed this project even though my daughter told me I smelled really bad and had sweat stains from top to bottom (lol), however it was fun even if I was a hot stinky mess.

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The Ever Evolving Living and Dining Room...

I updated my living room yet again! I know, I know. It's one of those rooms that just keeps evolving. I've been working on it for a few months now. I found some beautiful pieces of furniture at the flea market and Goodwill that fit the scale of the room better than all the pieces I had accumulated over the years. I really wanted a cohesive look throughout since my entryway, living room, and dining room are all open to one another and my entryway is very bright with colorful artwork the kids did. I just felt what I had before was not flowing well with the gallery wall, so I got together with my girls created some diy marble prints, added some organic elements, and white curtains to give a more open and airy feel. I think I'm almost there, I just need some new sofas and I'll be on my way...; )

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Recycled Bricks From an Old Fireplace Turned Into Colorful Yard Art!

I spent the day with my 5 year old daughter creating a quirky and fun backyard escape. We used a pile of bricks that are in our yard from demolition on the fireplace downstairs. I kept telling my husband that I know there is something we can create with all of these bricks. Along with many plants we have many gravel areas in our yard. I came up with the idea to create flowers out of the old bricks and lay them inside the gravel, I didn't stop there I decided that the bird bath, frogs, and pavers could use some personality. We spent 20 dollars, 4 hours ( with breaks in between :)) various colors of spray paint and lots of creativity to create this little area. I have to tell you that I hope this is a project my little girl will grow up to tell her family we did together on a warm summer day. My oldest daughter was not here to join in the fun but we left her spaces on the pavers to write her favorite quotes and words. You can see more photos on the blog.

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A Hand Painted Wall Mural in a Basement Play/homework Area...

We bought our first home last summer. The basement was the first to start getting renovated because of the ugly wood paneling and blue carpet. We tore off the paneling and painted the walls a light shade of blue. The carpet we are ripping up this spring. Our basement is quite large, we broke it up into 2 areas. One side is our media area and the other is the homework station/ play area and book nook for our girls, because our room has pops of red and white I decided to paint a large colorful mural on that side of the room for our girls to enjoy, plus that side of the basement is dark. I love to paint. I painted a beach and mermaids on my wall as a teenager, so I felt inspired and wanted to make something special for my girls and something beautiful yet fun and quirky just like our little family. I understand that this is probably not everyone's cup of tea but we really love it. I will say that it was very difficult to paint because the walls in our basement were so textured. I decided to go with an abstract look and I'm quite pleased but of course as an artist I will never be satisfied. LOL. I hope this inspires you to think outside to box and have fun where fun can be had! ; ) To see more check out my blog @http://quirkycool.blogspot.com/2014/01/a-hand-painted-wall-mural-in-basement.html

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Thrifted Home Decor

I have always had a thrifted home. Rarely do I buy anything whole sale. There's just something about finding unique pieces at the thrift stores. I thought I would share my thrifted Living Room and Dining Room decor and a few DIY's that I have done.

two toned stained table, painted furniture, After Two toned stained Table

DIY Two Toned Stained Table

I've had this table since childhood. It was my moms when we were kids and she gave it to me years ago. It sat forever as is and I always knew that one day I would redo it but it took me 8 years. LOL. I finally got to it and I am in love with the uniqueness of it. It took a few colors of stain layered on top of each other until I got the color I wanted. You can check out the story and pictures over at my blog...

thrifted dining room remodel

Budget Dining Room Decor

Hello! I wanted to share a peek into our remodel of our dining room. It's still in progress as we need to still add light fixtures, outlet covers, new back door, painted trim, and the white washing of the fireplace. But....LOL, I have managed to put together most of it with thrifted and repurposed pieces into a look I like to call Prairie Boho. You can check out my blog for the full posthttp://www.hazelbeesvintage.com/

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A Lazy Susan Painted and Upcycled Into a Side Table....

Since I have moved my living room around about a dozen times and finally finding a place for it all that works and flows nicely my only side table is to big for the corner, between my sofa and wall. It was looking crammed and not to scale so I went around town hoping to find something affordable. I even thought of a wooden stool I could paint white but the cheapest one I found was at Target for $40 and I was not going to spend that on something I could probably make myself for half of that. I decided I was going to think outside the box and low and behold I found my lazy Susan that I was planning on giving away and this metal plant stand I had stuffed in the corner behind my sofa chair. I put 2 and 2 together and created my own quirky little side table. I'm just loving it.

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Diy: A Hand Painted Photograph

So Mothers day is upon us and as I was flipping through magazines, clicking through Pinterest, and printing out pictures I took of my girls I decided that I was going to treat myself to a handmade gift. Yes, that's right handmade and by the none other than the mother herself! Lol! I thought it would be cool to take my printed photograph a step
further and paint over it. I know right? It was actually kind of fun and I can paint scenic landscapes, flowers, and animals but I've never in my life painted actual people. I can draw them but paint? Well instead of the fuss of drawing it all out I decided to just paint over the picture with bright colored acrylics. I wanted a Fancy Nancy look to it. I don't know if any of you know the series of books for kids called Fancy Nancy and I think we own every single one. I just love the bright colored art work done on the characters. I went and picked up a few extra acrylic paints that I was out of and a white frame. I spent less that $30 on this little project. Check it out...

Kimberly Noelle
Kimberly Noelle
About meI'm Kimberly Noelle....I'm a free spirit, I live for uniqueness, creativity and color. I hate putting decorating inside a box, I love everything and anything to do with the home but most of all I love hunting thrift stores and flea markets for unique finds to repurpose or decorate with. the hunt is the best part of finding a piece others don't have or wouldn't think to use!