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DIY Outdoor Sofa

Last summer, after living in Florida for almost six years, we decided it was finally time to build a lanai. My wife loves being outside, so when we finally made the decision to move forward with building a lanai, she was so excited. I also was excited about the lanai because I now had the opportunity to make some outdoor furniture. The first project I built was this outdoor sofa.

diy hexagon pendant lamp, diy, how to, lighting, repurposing upcycling

DIY Hexagon Pendant Lamp

We bought our home six years ago, and everything in it was builder’s grade. Over the years we have replaced many things, but one thing that we didn’t replace until recently was the entryway light.

diy laptop table, diy, woodworking projects

DIY Laptop Table

Last summer my mother-in-law texted me a picture of a laptop table she saw while furniture shopping. She asked me if I would make one for her for Christmas. Since I’m such a good son in law, I told her I would love to make her a Christmas present.

diy frappuccino bottle crate christmas edition, chalkboard paint, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, woodworking projects

DIY Frappuccino Bottle Crate: Christmas Edition

I posted the plans for my DIY Frappuccino bottle crate a few weeks ago, and I wanted to show how small changes can make it a great gift for many different occasions. By changing the color of the bottle tops and the contents in the bottle, this crate makes a great Christmas gift.

diy wood crate, diy, home decor, storage ideas, woodworking projects

DIY Wood Crate

A few years ago my wife heard the school librarian complain about the crate she was using to hold books; the crate kept falling apart, and she had to buy a new one every year. My wife thought I could make a crate that would hold up better, so she volunteered me to make a new crate for the library. I love the library (and my wife), so how could I refuse.

diy frappuccino bottle crate, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, thanksgiving decorations

DIY Frappuccino Bottle Crate

About a year ago, my wife asked me to make crates to hold Frappuccino bottles. She wanted to fill the bottles with treats (candy, hot chocolate, etc . . .) and give the crates of Frappuccino bottles as gifts to family and coworkers.

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DIY Display Shelf

I love scrap wood projects. They are essentially free, and I enjoy the creative process of trying to figure out how to use leftover material in a new way.

diy wood lamp, diy, lighting, woodworking projects

DIY Wood Lamp

Before I started making new furniture for our bedroom, the overhead ceiling fan light was the only source of light in our bedroom. This made things interesting when one person wanted to stay up to read or do work and the other person wanted to go to bed. So, when I finished the nightstands, I knew the next project was to make lamps.

how to make a mid century style nightstand, bedroom ideas, diy, how to, painted furniture, woodworking projects

How to Make a Mid-Century Style Nightstand

After I finished building the bed for my master bedroom, it was time to replace my TV tray nightstand. I wanted to build something that would look good with our bed, and I really like the look of Mid-Century furniture, so I decided to make a Mid-Century style nightstand.

west elm inspired bed, bedroom ideas, diy, how to, painted furniture, woodworking projects

West Elm Inspired Bed

Last year I decided it was finally time to start working on the master bedroom. Before I started building furniture for my master bedroom, it was a wreck. It was the ugliest room in our house. We had no headboard for our bed, I was using a TV tray as a night stand, and all our other furniture was old and falling apart.

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