add crown molding to your kitchen cabinets

DIY Crown Molding on Kitchen Cabinets

If you are seeking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen then crown molding might be just the subtle look that you crave. The molding creates the feel of a higher ceiling and gives the impression of a more expansive kitchen. It’s an easy and cost-efficient DIY project that adds exceptional visual contrast to any decor.

chipped and peeling cabinets how to treat paint damage

Chipped and Peeling Cabinets: How to Treat Paint Damage

Paint that’s begun to peel is a sour surprise for anyone to come across, especially when it’s found on commonly used cabinets which you just can’t ignore.Maybe it’s due to natural moisture in a humid home, or grime that was left under the current coat, or maybe it’s because the paint covering your cabinets was never applied properly in the first place. Well, regardless of what the reasons might be, the important thing now is fixing the problem so your cabinets can look as clean and crisp as they did when you first got them new.

how to stain custom cabinets

How to Stain Custom Cabinets

Cabinets only look as good as the finish, meaning that the color or tint plus the protective coating will determine how beautiful the cabinets will be. A well-built design is nothing without a beautiful finish to make it part of the room. On the other hand, the way it blends with everything in the room also determines how beautiful it will be in the end. Stains are available in many tints and protective levels. Some stains combine a polyurethane protectant while others require one to be brushed on. Here is a breakdown on how to stain your cabinets after choosing your stain and/or protective coating.

diy pull out cutting board for cabinets

DIY Hidden Wooden Cutting Board

Cutting boards are one of the most commonly used kinds of cookware when it comes to food preparation, and they never seem to have a fitting place where they belong. Or at least, that’s how it is when it comes to my kitchen.Whether your prepping vegetables for a salad, cutting slices of meat for a stew, or creatively compiling a triple-layer sandwich, cutting boards are invaluable for keeping your counter tops clean and protecting your dishes from aggressive knife work. With their frequent use, it only makes sense to find a better way to store them away. So, I found a better way!

diy fold down counter extension for your tiny kitchen

DIY Fold-Down Counter Extension

Storage and work top space in a tiny kitchen can be a nightmare, especially when there is no more wall or floor space to extend kitchen cupboards. Often, the only solution is to install a pullout or fold-down shelf to extend the counter.

looking to hide your unsightly trash bins why not do so by blending them

Tilt-out Cabinet Trashcan

Looking to hide your unsightly trash bins? Why not do so by blending them perfectly to the rest of your custom-built cabinets in your kitchen. For this project, we recommend using a double bowl vanity which can be purchased from along with the custom made doors, drawer fronts, and drawer boxes. Let’s start this handy project by making sure that you have all the required materials to begin.

how to get rid of cabinet odors

How To Get Rid Of Cabinet Odors

Do you smell that? That’s the musty odor of your kitchen cabinets. When storing dishes and produce in your cabinets, the last thing you want is for them to pick up unappetizing odors. Before you start ripping out your cabinets and replacing them, here’s what to do to get rid of cabinet odors.

diy wine glass cabinet rack

DIY Wooden Wine Glass Rack

What are the two most important things about your kitchen? If you said making full use of vertical storage, and your wine collection, then I’m sure we’d become fast friends. But even if you didn’t, let me show you a cool little project that’s perfect for DIY afternoons.

diy wooden hanging pot rack

DIY Wooden Hanging Pot Rack

When planning a kitchen one of the primary goals is to ensure that there is sufficient storage so that everything can be kept in its own place and the kitchen can function as well as possible. But sometimes kitchens are so tiny there simply isn't enough space to install all the kitchen cabinets and cupboards we’d like.

diy secret litter box

DIY Hidden Cat Litter Box

Living with cats is a joy, but the smells that come with them can be less than desirable to say the least—especially with indoor cats who don’t have the opportunity to do their business outside.So, to enjoy sharing a home with your furry companion without sharing their litter box smells, check out this awesome idea for a concealed kitty bathroom.