strawberry container ideas to plant, container gardening, flowers, gardening, first hole is thyme

Strawberry container ideas to plant.....

I happened to see a "Better Homes and Gardens" article on planting with strawberry containers. I went online for more ideas for herb plants for my strawberry container.

my recycled garden bed greenhouse, gardening

My Recycled Garden Bed & Greenhouse

2 stack recycled garden bed with rebars each side inside and outside

hummingbirds, outdoor living, pets animals, we name it nervous because it is always nervous lol


more pictures of my hummingbirds right in my yards

do u know what name of that trailing ivy with small purple with white edge flowers, flowers, gardening

do u know what name of that trailing ivy with small purple with white edge flowers?

A nice lady gave me some for me to take home from Folly Beach, SC. I asked her if she knew the name and she did not know the name. I would love to know the name. Thank you.

a black and white dots butterfly, pets animals, back view of butterfly

A Black and White Dots Butterfly

I never saw it and took it home with me to keep it in my sunroom. those black dots were blue from my camera flash

we accomplished our stepping stone patio by two of us of course mostly from my, concrete masonry, outdoor furniture, fire pit, patio, after our stepping stone patio left side

We accomplished our stepping stone patio by two of us.

Of course, mostly from my hubby. Before, during and after pixies. We removed grass, added weed barrier material twice to overlap, filled paver sand 4 to 5 inches thick, added stepping stones, spray paint black cinder blocks as edge by left side of the stepping stone patio. We got 75% free from demolition sites that our friends owned their demolition business. That helped a lot with our limited budget.
Sorry those pixies are not in order. I tried to sort those pixies but I did not know how to do that here.

nature right in my yard, flowers, gardening, pets animals, zoom pix from my bathroom window

Nature Right in My Yard

pixies of hummingbirds, butterflies, anola lizards, flowers.....

unknown name for that trailing ivy w purple amp white small flowers, flowers, gardening, top view w flowers

unknown name for that trailing ivy w/ purple & white small flowers

here is update pix on that unknown plant that is one year mature. Anyone know the name yet?