inner bicycle tube into a wallet

Inner Bicycle Tube Into a Wallet

Do you have old inner bicycle tubes you no longer need? This project is inspired by the thought of the upcoming Christmas and the thought of creating gifts for the men in my family. Transform the inner tube into a wallet.

coffee table transformed to tv unit

Coffee Table Transformed to TV Unit

For many years we have an ikea tv unit, in a beech effect MDF, but sometimes, much as I hate waste I grow to strongly dislike an item. Over the years my taste for interior decor has changed. Modern televisions are growing in size so the search for a new to us tv unit led to considering repurposing a coffee table.

diy autumn garland

DIY Autumn Garland

Recently I learnt that some people save their odds and ends of sewing threads. To be honest the thought had never crossed my mind but once it did I was determined to find a way of using them!!

uplift an old basket

Uplift an Old Basket

A few months back I bought a couple of baskets from a thrift store (charity shop here in the UK) but they weren't quite my style. I decided it was time to jump on the pompom trend and update the basket.

recycled denim tab top curtains

Recycled Denim Tab Top Curtains

I love working with old jeans, they are so versatile and hard wearing. I always have a stash to hand but did have to ask friends and family for donations of old jeans for these tab top denim curtains.

old sideboard transformed with ombre effect

Old Sideboard Transformed With Ombre Effect

Storage is an ever-present conversation with my husband in relation to my sewing room - I am rather an untidy person so having enough storage so I can put everything away is a goal. Having moved home I am keen to fit out my sewing room with upcycled items, a) to reduce my resource impact on the earth b) it is cheaper! I spotted this dilapidated sideboard on Facebook selling page for $7, one of the doors needed reattaching and the black gloss paint was peeling, but it fits perfectly between my desk and the wall.

transform your old shed into a garden table

Transform Your Old Shed Into a Garden Table

After much deliberation my husband and I replaced two rotting sheds with one large one (I confess to buying a kit shed, the idea being we would get to use it this summer rather than spending a year trying to find old pallets etc for making our own). But this left us with a lot of wood from the old sheds to deal with. Although rotten at the edges the main parts were still useable.

transform a drawer into trendy shelving

Transform a Drawer Into Trendy Shelving

Sometimes I visualise an idea, fall in love with it, but it can then take months or even years before I make the idea a reality! For a couple of years I have been thinking about transforming a drawer into a shelf, I am so glad I have. The project is quick and easy to execute.

denim peg bag

Denim Peg Bag

Recently my sister-in-law asked me to make her a replacement peg bag, her last one blew away in the wind. She lives in an apartment in Amsterdam, I hadn’t realised balcony’s are so windy! I love working with old jeans, they are so versatile and hardwearing so it was my natural choice of material. But the key feature of this denim peg bag pattern is the key clip hook – surely this peg bag will not fly away, whatever the wind!!

using up every bit of old jeans waistband cushion cover

Using up Every Bit of Old Jeans - Waistband Cushion Cover

I love sewing with old jeans , there are so many items you can make. Over the years I have made quilts, floor cushions, bags, peg bags, tablet cases - but I am always left with the waistbands. I hate to throw them away, I love the texture and subtle color differences in denim.

About meI am inspired by our wonderful world, creation is constant and yet changing. I feel it is important to respect the environment and where possible to upcycle/recycle. Blessed with creativity I try to appreciate it and develop it:) Currently making recycled bags and blogging about the journey:)