How to stain a new pressure treated deck?

Our new deck is finally finished. Rainy weather was a big issue this summer and still is. The contractor prestained the boards before installing them and they need... See more

How to get rid of ground hog?

A huge about of work was devoured last night by a ground hog. This was his second meal. Huge caladiums and hostas sheared off to the ground. I know about havaheart... See more
q how to get rid of ground hog

I am trying to prepare an area to lay grass seed.

I’ve hand weeded the area but have “creeping Charlie” in there which is really difficult. I’ve used Roundup which weakened it but didn’t kill it. Any herbicide that... See more

Can anyone tell me what this vine is?

Moved here in Nov. A very wooded lot with things growing I can’t identify. This is a vine-like shrub (?) that has a weeping shape. Has very heavy thorns. I’d hate... See more
q can anyone tell me what this vine is

Can I remove old phone jack boxes?

I have Verizon Fios phone, TV, internet, etc. There are old phone jacks that are not used that are old and unsightly. I'd like to remove them but recall that they... See more

Can this window issue be fixed?

Greetings, all. I have noticed a problem with my double hung replacement windows. I'm intending to sell soon and need to know if this is a repairable problem. They... See more
q can this window issue be fixed

How do you cover a back flow check valve?

After 2 sewer back-ups in my house ($$$ and YUCK) my town installed this monstrosity in my basement. I am grateful because it will prevent this nightmare from... See more

Inflatable costume suit

I have committed to making a costume for Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka.During the play, the character expands a lot. The only way this can be done (actiontakes... See more

Leaking shower stall

I have a small tiled shower stall that leaks occasionally. I had the shower pan and the lower two courses of tiles replaced. Then I removed all the silicone caulk at... See more