teacher wreath with a little x mas touch

Teacher Wreath With A Little X-Mas Touch

This year my daughter's teacher asked for any Christmas donations. I wanted to create a little DIY gift, so I thought it was the perfect moment to try this little project. My hope is that she can use it all year.Did I mention is was only < $10 ( A little Math for you) Hope you enjoy!

cat in the hat and all about that

Cat in the Hat and All About That!

My daughter's school had a Trunk or Treat for the 2nd time this year. Each class had a book theme, ours was The Cat in the Hat. I had a great time doing it and most of all seeing it come together.I think anyone can use these great ideas for a birthday party as well.... or even classroom decor. Hope you enjoy.

small bathroom remodel for less than 300

Small Bathroom Remodel For Less Than $300

I purchased a fixer upper.. some projects are huge.. and others are small. The bathroom was a small project. It wasn't in bad conditions at all it just needed a little TLC. :) I didn't want to spend much.. so instead of a face-lift I was going to go for "waterproof makeup" HA! Hope you like it and hope it helps anyone that is trying to do the same. Enjoy. *As always all the cost as based on my area and may vary.

glass candle re use for less than 3

Glass Candle Re-use, For Less Than $3

I hope you guys find this useful. I wanted to create something for my bathroom, which is getting a face-lift. This project is easy and cost is very low. Everything I used, I had, but if you are creating it you may just have to buy the thin rope.

kids artwork showcase 2 and 5 min project

Kids Artwork Showcase - $2 and 5 Min Project.

I'm not a huge fan of hanging my little girl's artwork on the refrigerator. They fall off all the time, or get knocked down. It's a whole thing I go thru.. It may also be my OCD... lol I was using thumbtacks to pin them to the wall of my office but every-time I need to change them out I had to make another tiny hole on the wall.. (more OCD problems)So I wanted to showcase her artwork in another way. I went to the Dollar Tree (I practically live there) in search of something that would do the trick. I wanted it to be something I could change constantly. I purchased some string and clothes pins so here it is. Hope you like , make, and share. Enjoy!

brew a witch for less than 5 poof

Brew a Witch for Less Than $5 POOF!

I live in South Florida… so finding a home with a chimney is not very common. So when I purchased my fixer upper.. I was extremely excited when I had a new toy to play with. My head was on overload with all the mantel decor running thru my brain and the “witch Legs” coming down the chimney was a must do. I’ve seen the decor in stores for about $12. So, I was on a mission to make this for under $5. I spent $2..... because I already had some of the items… but if you had to buy the items I used, you would spend about $5. I hope you guys like it and try it, make it, and share it. I love seeing what others come up with. I really had fun"brewing" this up.

toy closet makeover

Toy Closet - Makeover

I’m a bit crazy when it comes to things that don't have a place. So I’m always working on storage. I love to declutter but as a new mom, I’ve found my 6 year old is an “extreme hoarder” lol she throws nothing away. She makes decluttering so much harder. We recently moved to a fixer upper and this was one of my to do’s. I knew my budget had to be a bit higher then normal but it was worth it. I have a closet in my office space that I decided to redo, giving “MY LITTLE hoarder” a place to store her “valuables.” Now......... I know it make not look like this for more than maybe 2 days.... but we will work on that. :) Hope you enjoy what I did and hope you find it helpful. If you try it.. Share it! :) love to see everyone's take.

a scary wreath for under 10 wa ha ha

A Scary Wreath for Under $10. WA HA HA

I’ve always wanted to make a wreath but thought it was extremely hard. So, I’ve never even attempted it until I saw Nick’s video on HomeTalk's Facebook page.() I was blown away on how it easy it all looked. So, I had to try it on my own. Thanks Nick and HomeTalk for sharing. I know I wanted to try this for Halloween so I went to one of my favorite places the Dollar Tree. (Always on a budget lol) I got everything I needed the wreath, mesh, pipe cleaners but also got some great "unconventional" things that I thought I could use to make this my version. Hope you guys like.

party hat s without the hat

Party Hat's - Without the HAT. :)

I was put to the challenge by my little one.. to put together a Moana party, in 4 days… I was a bit crazy because my local party supply stores had very little items in stock. So the challenge became a harder and a full DIY project. I made a few things that I didn’t have time to take step by them pictures of. I was like a chicken without a head. LOL What we do for love. I didn’t find party hats but didn’t want to get a random, not in “theme” hat, so I decided to make something on my own. Hope you like

i made a palm tree with 4

I Made a Palm Tree With $4

So my little one said she didn’t want a birthday party this year, we went on a exhausting vacation to DW instead… LOL Then 4 days prior to her big “6” she asked to PLEEEAASSE give her a party… just a “LITTLE” party. She asked. Of course she is way too powerful not to give in. So I did. To top off the last minute situation, she wanted it to be a Moana Party………………………… I KNOW! I couldn't order anything online because shipping was going to eat my entire budget. I went to my local party suppliers and I found somethings. But was left to create a lot to make it look like I've had more than just 4 days to plan it. LOL I made a lot of items (which I put pics below) but didn’t take step by steps on most of them since my time was sooo limited. I also made cute hair clips because I didn't find party hats - check out my profile http://www.hometalk.com/member/18495692/luzdiysHere are one of the items I was able to share. Hope you guys like it.

Luz DIYs
Luz DIYs
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