wall gallery for small wall 5 of 5 white and silver d cor accents, crafts, decoupage, home decor, paint colors, wall decor, Small gallery wall

Gallery Wall for Small Wall. 5 of 5 White and Silver Décor Accent

Have a small wall space (this wall space is 22" wide) and want to bring a cute accent on a budget. This is what I used.
A wall gallery of budget frames. Three were $1 from Goodwill, two I had.
Butterflies made from computer clipart

garden flower bed border before and after, flowers, gardening, perennials

Garden Flower Bed Border.... Before and After

We get so much inspiration from Hometalk garden gurus. Seeing the beautiful gardens posted, we wanted to put a nice finishing touch to our patio. We decided to frame it with a flower bed border. So off to Home Depot. Selecting bricks that coordinated with the patio brick pavers worked out well.

shells al a more shells in glass cylinder, home decor, outdoor living

Shells Al'a More. Shells in Glass Cylinders.

This is absolutely gorgeous. So I had to share with my Hometalk family. I love, love, love dining alfresco. And I'm at the beach every chance I get. So when I saw this my mouth dropped open and my heart skipped a few beats. Although I have not tried my hand at doing a tablescape like this, this was my inspiration to gather all my shells into one glass container. See more of this tablescape at: http://tabletwentyone.wordpress.com/2014/06/10/ocean-blue-starfish-seashells/.

more garden crystals make your garden sparkle with crystals ii, crafts, flowers, gardening, The flat oval crystals are also faceted to give more sparkle with the sun The wire

More Garden Crystals: Make Your Garden Sparkle With Crystals II

On Sunday I was sitting on the patio looking at the garden crystals I created a while back. Previous post "Make your garden sparkle with crystals" which are still hanging doing great. But I thought about my flower pots and decided they needed a little sparkle too. I wanted it to look as if I was watering the plants. Don't know, maybe so. I still have to play with it a bit. But here's how I did it. Crystals from www.FireMountaingems.com on line.

crystal garden sun catcher, crafts

Crystal Butterfly Garden Sun Catcher

My love of crystals and the outdoors has really brightened my horizon to create more sparkle for my garden. This one I call Bohemian Butterfly. Just made it last week. It's whimsical and sparkles like crazy. With the lovely feedback from Hometalk viewers I want to share more and more. See complete details on my tutorial. Go to: https://aperfectdaytodream.wordpress.com/my-love-for-butterflies/butterfly-garden-sun-catcher-tutorial-1/

jeans never die, gardening, outdoor living, Jeans never die

Jeans Never Die!

I can't take credit for this planter porch screen. I don't remember where I got this picture,
been in my garden photo archive for months. Just wanted to share, it gave me chuckles.

crystal butterfly garden stake, crafts, gardening, He promised me a rose garden

Crystal Butterfly Garden Stake

My rose bush is coming along nicely. Small, but lovely. It's coming along so nicely I had to make a butterfly plant stake to share the beauty. Maybe you would like to make one too. This can also be used as an ornament for gift wrapping. See the last two pictures. See more details on https://aperfectdaytodream.wordpress.com/my-love-for-butterflies/butterfly-plant-stake-tutorial-2/

circle of love garden sun catcher, crafts, gardening, outdoor living, For inside circle Cut 15 of wire Insert end of wire and make loop inside center circle Then string on 22 acrylic beads

Circle of Love Garden Sun Catcher

Today is my daughters birthday and I wanted to dedicate this beautiful crystal sun catcher to her because she is indeed the center of our lives and surrounded by love. I hung it in the center of our patio. Really simple to make, took approx. 1 hour. Lots of fun!

make your garden sparkle with crystals, gardening, outdoor living, Made 14 crystal tassels with Beadalon 49 count stainless steel wire hung each tassel on steel chains at varying lengths Attached each to a circle made of 18 gauge steel wire with round crystals strung between each tassel

Make Your Garden Sparkle With Crystals

I decided to take all of my left over crystals from previous projects and make these crystal sun catchers. I had them hanging across my window but it seemed too much, so I hung them in our bottle brush tree just out side my window. The sun beans thru the leaves, they sway and sparkle. Now, each time I look outside my window, I smile and say; "C'est un jour parfait" (It's a perfect day).

snack candy jars for office repurposed candle jars, crafts, repurposing upcycling

Snack & Candy Jars for Office - Repurposed Candle Jars

Repurposed Harry & David Candle apothecary jars. I needed a candy and snack jar at hands reach for my office desk. (too busy for a real lunch sometimes). The collection of these candles keep growing because I love them and I continue to buy them. So I needed to put them to use.

Linda G
Linda G