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Valentine Conversation Stones

So many times when my husband and I get a dinner out alone, we talk about bills, work and the daily grind. This year for Valentine's Day, I thought I would plan a dinner in and make some conversation stones so that we talk about other things than what is going on day to day.

diy christmas tree made from scrap wood

DIY Christmas Tree Made From Scrap Wood

I came to Matt with this DIY Christmas tree idea after seeing something similar online. I didn’t like the metal version and I hated the price tag. I knew we could come up with a different version that would look great and cost a lot less. In fact, we were able to use scrap wood and dowels we had in the garage so it cost us nothing besides the ornaments I fell in love with.

make a beautiful mantel from a piece of a dresser

Make A Beautiful Mantel From A Piece Of A Dresser

A couple of months ago, I found a mantel at a thrift store and put it in our living room after I gave it a makeover. It has been my favorite piece in our home ever since. After I posted that project, I received many messages from people who wanted the same thing, but were frustrated about the chances of finding a mantel like I did at a thrift store. The messages kept coming, so I knew we had to come up with a way to create a faux mantel easily and without spending a lot of money to do it.

dresser makeover with appliance handles

Dresser Makeover With Appliance Handles!

This dresser makeover had my jaw dropping when we got it done. I couldn’t believe it!

no sew upholstered chairs project my favorite kind, painted furniture, reupholster, No Sew Reupholstered Chairs

No-Sew Upholstered Chairs Project – My Favorite Kind

Another no-sew upholstered chairs project – my favorite kind!
You might remember my first no-sew upholstered chair project that I posted about here. Upholstered projects are great when the only tool needed is a hand-held stapler. Once you start needing a sewing machine to recover something, I run for the hills.
When I saw this pair of chairs at an estate sale, I loved them, but the fabric was dingy from being in storage for so long. The seats had zippered covers which would be easy to take off and wash, but how in the world would I wash the fabric on the backs of the chairs?

tear out a kitchen cabinet turn it into sleek office storage

Tear Out A Kitchen Cabinet & Turn It Into Sleek Office Storage

I have a love for furniture pieces that have a lot of drawers, cubbies and/or storage. Not only am I always searching for pieces that will add more storage in our storage-lacking home, but I love the look of many drawers or cubbies on a piece of furniture. My latest project had to do with a tall cabinet pulled out from an old kitchen in a house. I laughed when I saw it in the thrift store because the person that dropped it off even left the tall piece of wood from the wall it was on the back.

2 99 mantel becomes a show stopping piece in our living room

$2.99 Mantel Becomes A Show Stopping Piece In Our Living Room

I have been wanting to change things up at the top of the entry stairs in our living room, but didn’t know what I wanted to do. While we stopped at a thrift store in the Des Moines, Iowa area, a wood fireplace mantel was welcoming me into the store. It was right inside the front door and I didn’t even hesitate. I took the price tag off and walked up to the check out. I didn’t want anyone else to grab it. The best part about the mantel was that it cost me a whopping $2.99 AND it came with the faux logs that light up when you plug them in!!! This is how I found the mantel and the logs in the store (minus the chair).

turn a planter into a plug in pendant light

Turn A Planter Into A Plug-In Pendant Light

This particular plug-in pendant light came about when we were visiting my parents. My mom had this planter from the yard in her back porch. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do with it, but I immediately saw it as a plug-in pendant light.

the easy way to clean your grill before grilling season

The Easy Way To Clean Your Grill Before Grilling Season

I have to be totally transparent and tell you that our BBQ grill has not been cleaned in a long time. A loooooong time! To be totally honest, I can’t remember the last time Matt cleaned it?? Don’t judge us – I am just keeping it real.We like to use our grill all year long. We have it on the deck right outside our back porch door so we don’t have to go far to use it when the weather isn’t the best. Since we use it all the time, it was getting pretty disgusting! DISGUSTING!Hide your eyes and skip this before photo.

make a fall garland that s beautiful from children s craft supplies

Make A Fall Garland That’s Beautiful From Children's Craft Supplies

I wanted to make a fall garland this year. I didn't know how or what it would look like, but I had a vague vision in my head. Then, while I was shopping at Michaels with our daughter, the entire project came to me while we were in the children's art supply aisle. The felt in that aisle grabbed my attention and the colors immediately made me think about fall and the garland project was born.

Lindsay Eidahl
Lindsay Eidahl
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