tear out a kitchen cabinet turn it into sleek office storage

Tear Out A Kitchen Cabinet & Turn It Into Sleek Office Storage

I have a love for furniture pieces that have a lot of drawers, cubbies and/or storage. Not only am I always searching for pieces that will add more storage in our storage-lacking home, but I love the look of many drawers or cubbies on a piece of furniture. My latest project had to do with a tall cabinet pulled out from an old kitchen in a house. I laughed when I saw it in the thrift store because the person that dropped it off even left the tall piece of wood from the wall it was on the back.

2 99 mantel becomes a show stopping piece in our living room

$2.99 Mantel Becomes A Show Stopping Piece In Our Living Room

I have been wanting to change things up at the top of the entry stairs in our living room, but didn’t know what I wanted to do. While we stopped at a thrift store in the Des Moines, Iowa area, a wood fireplace mantel was welcoming me into the store. It was right inside the front door and I didn’t even hesitate. I took the price tag off and walked up to the check out. I didn’t want anyone else to grab it. The best part about the mantel was that it cost me a whopping $2.99 AND it came with the faux logs that light up when you plug them in!!! This is how I found the mantel and the logs in the store (minus the chair).

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Valentine Conversation Stones

So many times when my husband and I get a dinner out alone, we talk about bills, work and the daily grind. This year for Valentine's Day, I thought I would plan a dinner in and make some conversation stones so that we talk about other things than what is going on day to day.

turn a planter into a plug in pendant light

Turn A Planter Into A Plug-In Pendant Light

This particular plug-in pendant light came about when we were visiting my parents. My mom had this planter from the yard in her back porch. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do with it, but I immediately saw it as a plug-in pendant light.

the easy way to clean your grill before grilling season

The Easy Way To Clean Your Grill Before Grilling Season

I have to be totally transparent and tell you that our BBQ grill has not been cleaned in a long time. A loooooong time! To be totally honest, I can’t remember the last time Matt cleaned it?? Don’t judge us – I am just keeping it real.We like to use our grill all year long. We have it on the deck right outside our back porch door so we don’t have to go far to use it when the weather isn’t the best. Since we use it all the time, it was getting pretty disgusting! DISGUSTING!Hide your eyes and skip this before photo.

make a fall garland that s beautiful from children s craft supplies

Make A Fall Garland That’s Beautiful From Children's Craft Supplies

I wanted to make a fall garland this year. I didn't know how or what it would look like, but I had a vague vision in my head. Then, while I was shopping at Michaels with our daughter, the entire project came to me while we were in the children's art supply aisle. The felt in that aisle grabbed my attention and the colors immediately made me think about fall and the garland project was born.

chippy table gone bad to beautiful rustic end table

Chippy Table Gone Bad To Beautiful Rustic End Table

I bought this end table from a friend's yard sale. It caught my eye from a distance because of all it's chippy goodness. When I got closer to it, I realized it was a chippy disaster. Whoever owned it before them had put a thick coat of yellow top coat on the piece and it wasn't put on evenly. There were really thick spots and there were drips. It was basically a chippy table gone bad. That didn't deter me from bringing it home though.

the dresser makeover that is green with envy

The Dresser Makeover That Is Green With Envy

I have learned the hard way that I will only pick up solid wood furniture to make over. When I started my DIY journey, I picked up anything I could get my hands on. Not anymore. It is not that you can’t paint laminate or particle wood pieces, but I just love the look of solid wood furniture and how they are made so they are the only pieces I will bring home to breathe new life into.

a dresser that sat on a front porch gets an easy makeover

A Dresser That Sat On A Front Porch Gets An Easy Makeover

This solid wood dresser was a steal at a yard sale. I actually got a better price on it because I bought two old dressers from the sale. The people I bought them from said the the dressers were on their porch for a long time. They wanted to make them over, but never got around to it. I was happy to take on that job for them.

make beautiful chalkboard signs every time with this product

Make Beautiful Chalkboard Signs Every Time With This Product!

Chalkboard signs are so much fun, but I would get so frustrated when I tried to make my own because they never turned out like the signs I saw. I gave up on having cute chalkboard signs in our home and then I discovered Chalk Couture!

Lindsay Eidahl
Lindsay Eidahl
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