Need feminine bedroom ideas? Help!

I’m single, so I don’t have to share my bedroom with anyone.i want my bedroom to look much more feminine. Please give me ideas. I will be painting the room Classic... See more
q want a more feminine bedroom ideas

What sheen do I use when painting an old door?

I have a really old and in need of work front door that I am going to paint red. The question I have is do I paint it high gloss red, semi-gloss red or a satin or a... See more
q what sheen do i use when painting an old door

How to paint front door?

I have this very old and need of a new one door. But until I can afford a new door I wanted to paint this door red. But, considering the three windows, is this going... See more
q painting front door

Shower Curtain Valances?

Are shower curtain valances out of style?

How to hold up Peonies?

I have about 12 Peonie Bushes. In the blooming season they get so large and just hang all over the place. Someone told me to buy EXTRA LARGE TOMATO CAGES and put... See more

Do you Spray Paint a Cement Bear?

Or, do you use some other kind of pain? It is painted black now, but it needs re-doing???

Toilet Seat Covers?

Are toilet seat covers out of style?? Does anyone even use them anymore? If not, what is used, if anything at all???

Bathroom Issues Questions????

I am re-doing my bathroom. This is an extremely old home. I was considering buying the pictured shower curtain, however I wanted to put a Valance over the top of... See more
q bathroom issues questions

What can I do with this cabinet in my old bathroom?

I am painting my bathroom in my old home. I don't know what I could do with this cabinet/closet short of just painting it.
q what can i do with this cabinet in my old bathroom

Powder Blue Bathroom ????

I am going to be painting my bathroom a Powder Blue as well as the baseboards the same color. My Sink, etc are white. The flooring is this fake hardwood floors. ... See more

Connie Windes
Connie Windes