ribbon tree skirt and beaded garland measurments included, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, This is my final product but lets go step by step for making this MaCkenzie Childs inspired tree skirt I bought items at Wally World a local fabric store and hobby shop

Ribbon Tree Skirt, and Beaded Garland Measurments Included

I love MaCkenzie-Childs but I could never afford their products. So I decided I would make my own...

beaded garland and drop bead ornaments mackenzie childs inspired, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, This is a drop down Ornaments I found that it hangs better if while you thread the beads you put the heavy or larger ones at the bottom So choose your beads my were clear colored faceted beads

Beaded Garland and Drop Bead Ornaments (MaCkenzie-Childs Inspired)

If you have seen my tree skirt inspired by MaCkenzie-Childs. This beaded garland and drop bead...

tree skirt and garland measurements need and used, crafts, Step 1 Buy a cheap plastic table cloth from Wally world This is a 60 inch diameter for a 7 ft Tree I when to the local fabric store and found the checked fabric I only got 1 25 yards for fabric

Tree Skirt and Garland (measurements Need and Used)

I love the MaCkenzie -Childs products but who can afford them? So inspired by them I made a tree...

Stacie Slaughter-Gottsch
Stacie Slaughter-Gottsch