weekend rental bathroom makeover using superior paint co chalk paint

Weekend Rental Bathroom Makeover Using Superior Paint Co. Chalk Paint

Taking one look at this itty bitty bathroom I knew it needed some love... Here's a quick DIY weekend project!

old exterior cedar door makeover using saman stains varnish

Old Exterior Cedar Door Makeover Using Saman Stains & Varnish

For anyone who secretly cringes when they see solid wood being painted... This makeover is for you! Come see how we give a new life to this vintage solid cedar door...

free dresser recieves a superior paint co shiplap makeover

FREE Dresser Recieves a Superior Paint Co. Shiplap Makeover!

FREE Vintage Dresser recieves a Superior Paint Co. Shiplap Makeover!It's so hard to pass up on free furniture... especially when you know if you don't take it home… it will probably end up in the landfill. Here's the perfect example... come check out the transformation!

mcm mid century modern dresser recieves a superior makeover

MCM - Mid Century Modern Dresser Recieves a Superior Makeover!

Clients purchased this dresser from a used furniture store and asked us to repair the damage and give it a makeover to suit their home. I was so excited for this project as I've been dying to do a MCM piece in our shop... come see the transformation!

diy standing planter

DIY Standing Planter

When moving to our 10 acre property I was so delighted to start a garden this year... however so were the groundhogs! They basically ate all my plants and flowers that I had started from seed indoors within the first day I moved them outside. But that didn't stop me from having my garden...

farmhouse dininig chair makeover

Farmhouse Dininig Chair Makeover

Our clients purchased these chairs when they got married … 40 yrs later they needed repairs and an update!

tv storage cabinet recieves a superior makeover

TV Storage Cabinet Makeover!

We transformed this cabinet from rustic to modern to suit our clients new home!

vintage cedar trunk makeover

Vintage Cedar Trunk Makeover

New clients came into our old shop about a year ago to chat about refinishing a trunk and they we're in the works of having their beach house built ... once the home was finished being built about a year later they went back to our old location to find out we had move... BUT they didn't give up and after google searching they found our new location and asked us to refinish their mothers cedar chest. They originally only wanted it chalk painted white... but after we chemically stripped the piece down to the solid wood we showed them how beautiful the natural wood is ... they changed their minds! Come see our process...

great grandmothers 4 piece bedroom set makeover

Great Grandmothers 4 Piece Bedroom Set Makeover

We love seeing pieces like this in our shop! There's so much love & history! This set once belonged to our client's Great Grandmother ... and then was passed down to our clients Grandmother to started refinishing but never had the chance to finish. Our client then inherited this 4 piece set and hired us to finish refinishing for her 3 year old daughters room (once we finish this piece it will have officially been in their family for 5 generations!!!) ! Come see this Superior Makeover!

the family heriloom superior christmas makeover

The Family Heriloom Superior Christmas Makeover!

This Christmas a new client brought in his wife's family heirloom.... this wingback accent chair she was not willing to part with but needed new foam, fabric, refinishing, internal repairs the list goes on... Come see our Superior Makeover!

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