sheet rock hole repair how to

Sheet Rock Hole Repair How To

In this how to project about Sheet Rock Repair. You will learn the basics of repairing sheet rock like the professionals do. This is a step by step tutorial about this subject of Sheet Rock repair. I hope will find this helpful in your repair.

louvered door hall tree repurpose

Louvered Door Hall Tree Repurpose

This project is about making a Hall Tree from a couple of Louvered Bi-Fold doors and an old Maple kitchen table.

some past projects

Some Past Projects

This is a Very Short Video lasting about 1 minute. It's of projects that I have done in the past with music behind in the background. It's my first created with still much to learn.I hope you like it. Thanks for watching.

a platform moving dolly with locking casters a how to build

Building a Useful Platform Moving Dolly With Locking Caster Wheels

This tutorial is about how to construct a Moving Dolly with some serious Locking casters that won't leave marks on your floors. The casters are rated for a 850 LB total load. The casters are made of a high quality steel with quality bearings and a Polly-vinyl tire, that swivels and locks.

how to build a 1x6 t g pine door for a sliding door

Building a Pine Door for a Sliding Barn Door Look

This project is for a beginner to medium skilled woodworker. The most important part of this project is making sure square is there when building it. It will require a table saw or good skills with a circular saw to rip one board to start the installation of the Pine T & G.All in All this project is easy and rewarding to build.... Have Fun.

just big letters

Just Big Letters

I had some scrap wood left over from a recent project and I just hated to see them not being used for something. So not wanting to be wasteful and into re-purposing things, this was a fun and easy way to put these pieces of scrap wood to use . Now if you ask me where the Bathroom is at my home , I think it will be quite obvious. I'm not quite finished with it yet but you'll get the idea.

make your own rooter bottle

Make Your Own Rooter Bottle

Simple to make.
Materials are Free.
Only 1 tool needed ( needle nose pliers ).

old shovel water feature that is in the process of being created , home maintenance repairs, ponds water features

Old Shovel Water Feature That is in the Process of Being Created.

Over a 35 year period of me being in construction I have seen hundreds of shovels that were broken and thrown away including myself getting rid of and breaking a few of them.
My pictures of this creation are not the best visually but will give you an idea of what I am up to with these old used shovels.
To this point I believe there are about 14 shovels that start this water feature creation. I think it's going to take about 20 more shovels to finish it. Plus an old wheel barrow for water collection.

chain saw carved owls final post i hope you have enjoyed these posts, gardening, how to, landscape, raised garden beds

Chain Saw Carved Owls Final Post. I Hope You Have Enjoyed These Posts

These final pictures of the Carved Owls and River rock planter, won't have much description about them. But as they say a picture is worth a thousand words and I'm not the greatest writer. I hope you enjoy them and will try my best to answer any and ALL question submitted about these posts. Thanks again for checking them out. I hope only to inspire others from the things I do.

chain saw carved owls with real river rock planter finished , concrete masonry, gardening, landscape

Chain Saw Carved Owls With Real River Rock Planter Finished.

This is a continuation of the River rock planter and what I did to protect the tree stump from rotting before I was finished. It shows most of the details of how it was built.

Discover Repurposing
Discover Repurposing
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